Phase One Industrial enters machine vision market with release of new cameras

March 1, 2019
Phase One Industrial has announced the release of their first machine vision cameras, the iXM-MV camera series.

Phase One Industrial has announced the release of their first machine visioncameras, the iXM-MV camera series. The cameras are available with CMOS image sensors of 100 and 150 MPixels, in both RGB and Achromatic models. All models have a 3.76 µm pixel size, USB3 and 10G Ethernet interfaces, and Phase One’s image processing engine, which includes noise reduction and image sharpening capabilities. Additionally, the new cameras offer M72mm, Phase One mount lens mount options, electronic rolling shutter format, 83 dB dynamic range, and backside illumination technology.


To Learn More:

Phase One Industrial
: Copenhagen, Denmark
Product: iXM-MV machine vision cameras
Key Features:
150 and 100 MPixel backside illuminated CMOS image sensors, USB 3.0 and Ethernet 10G interfaces, designed to fit lenses with image circles 68mm and higher.

What Phase One says:
View more information on the cameras.

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