ISRA to merge with LASOR AG

March 16, 2004
MARCH 16--ISRA VISION SYSTEMS (Darmstadt, Germany; is merging with LASOR AG.

MARCH 16--ISRA VISION SYSTEMS (Darmstadt, Germany; is further expanding its position as one of Europe's leading suppliers of products for the optical quality inspection of technical surfaces through the merger with LASOR AG.

The development of surface vision is a great technological challenge. Even the tiniest errors on expansive surfaces must be identified with 100% certainty at a high production speed. The goal is to surpass the functioning of the human eye, while replacing inspectors' personal subjectivity, tolerance, and discretionary powers with reliable, reproducible error detection and evaluation.

Laser scanners long used in the industry were difficult to operate yet an important stage in the development of this technology. The rapid development of camera technology with high-performance linescan cameras brought about a wide-reaching breakthrough. In addition, economical computing systems in combination with the right software are now able to process complex algorithms at a high data throughput rate in real time. Intelligent linescan cameras, the latest development, offer integrated data processing. They recognize the material errors themselves and reduce the large amounts of image data.

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