Excelitas Launches New High Speed Streaming Camera

May 9, 2024
Camera designed for high speed machine vision applications such as inspection, sorting, quali9ty assurance.

Excelitas Technologies Inc. has launched a new high-speed streaming  camera, the pco.dimax 3.6 ST. Equipped with a 21.8 x 19.8 mm sensor, the camera has 3.6 MPixel, 1984 x 1808 resolution, 11 µm x 11 µm pixel size, and a 2166 fps frame rate. It has a spectral range of 340 to 1100 nm and high fullwell capacity of 60,000 electrons. It has an exposure time of 10 µs to 10 ms and it can perform real time streaming using 8 x 10 Gb optical fiber. It has Camera Link HS (FOL) interface, which ensures lossless image details with uncompressed 10-bit data transmission.

The camera is especially designed for such machine vision applications as high speed sorting, analysis and inspections, and quality assurance tasks.

To Learn More:

Contact: Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Headquarters: Waltham, MA, USA

Product: pco.dimax 3.6 ST

Key Features: 3.6 MPixel resolution, 2166 fps frame rate, 340 to 1100 nm spectral range

What Excelitas Technologies Corp. says: View more information on pco.dimax 3.6 ST

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