EVT's software and scanner support robotics tasks with 3-D

Nov. 15, 2011
EVT's EyeScan 3D software is combined with a 3-D scan head from Vision Components into the EyeScan LT 3D SH linescan camera system.

EyeScan 3D software is combined with a 3-D scan head from Vision Components into the EyeScan LT 3D SH linescan camera system, which measures 140 × 70 × 50 mm, feature a global-shutter CMOS sensor, and employs a calibrated laser triangulation sensor as well as a 700-MHz evaluation processor with computing power of 5600 MIPS. Scan rate reaches 400 Hz and resolution up to 1280 pixels is achieved. The board camera has 32-Mbyte flash memory and 128-Mbyte DDRAM disk space. The system performs a range of tasks, from robotic control using 3-D image processing to code reading.
EVT Eye Vision Technology
Karlsruhe, Germany

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EyeScan LT 3D SH
The new version of the EyeScan 3D software with VC 3D Scanhead -

EVT is introducing the combination between the well known EyeScan 3D software series and the 3D scan head from Vision Components and therefore makes again the third dimension accessible to the user. The compact camera body of the new EyeScan LT 3D SH measures only 140 x 70 x 50 mm and contains an already calibrated laser triangulation sensor as well as an evaluation processor. It has a scanrate of max. 400 Hz and a resolution of up to 1280 pixel and it contains the complete evaluation software, which can be programmed by drag-an-drop. All topics can be realized, from simple testing method tasks to object recognition with robots. The compact construction of the sensor and the completely integrated EyeVision software guarantee an easy three-dimensional solution. Therefore, the EyeScan LT 3D SH is the first light-section line-scan-laser worldwide, which also contains the entire functionality of a smart camera.

If the evaluation of two-dimensional images do not suffice the problem can be solved in a simple way by working with the third dimension. If you want to read e.g. the font on a car wheel with a two-dimensional camera the differences of the gray scale values between the black wheel and the black font are minor. In this case a sensor permutes the difference of level between the wheel and the font in an evaluable image.

The core of the system is a board camera, which has available 32 MB Flash and 128 MB DDRAM disk space. Additionally, the camera is equipped with a 700 MHz processor and a computing power of 5.600 MIPS. This fast and powerful image processing system allows an evaluation of the data already on the camera. The image capture is carried out with a global-shutter-CMOS-sensor, which keeps up with the capacity of a CCD-sensor and which delivers sharp pictures even from extremely fast applications.

The evaluation unit and the sensor are not only integrated into the body of the EyeScan LT 3D SH system, they are also pre-calibrated. That means the user has the possibility to replace an existing sensor by a new one at any time without calibrating the system again.

The field of application ranges from the RobotVision and the electronic industry to the semiconductor industry. The recognition of characters in logistic systems as well as the reading of codes do not cause a problem for the system. In this connection it does not matter whether it is a OCR, a bar code, a DMC or QR code.

Thanks to the complete integration of the sensor and the evaluation software, the three-dimensional evaluation can be programmed as simple as a normal image processing system. You can install the software with the existing monitor access that can also display results of measurement and test results. The results and the image data can be transferred via interfaces like for example Gigabyte Ethernet or optional RS232. Therewith the three-dimensional sensor can be integrated into the existing business software and additionally the connection to the robot can be realized.

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