Framos camera platform offers two USB interfaces

March 12, 2012
The Visiosens VFU Camera Platform from Framos has more than 200 camera variants per image sensor.

The Visiosens VFU Camera Platform has more than 200 camera variants per image sensor, with a number of CCD and CMOS image sensors ranging from 0.3 to 10 Mpixels. Features include USB 2.0 and 3.0 output interfaces, complementary assembly concepts, mounts, and filters. The user interface is built on software compatible with Windows and Linux.
Framos Electronics
Camberley, UK

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FRAMOS Launches new Visiosens VFU Camera Platform
…housed USB Cameras Customised for High-Tech industries

Camberley, UK -- Image processing specialist FRAMOS, announces the launch of the Visiosens VFU Camera Platform.

The VF camera series is much more than just a range of cameras; it is a highly flexible and customisable image capture platform with more than 200 camera variants per image sensor.

The Visiosens platform comprises a growing number of CCD and CMOS image sensors ranging from 0.3 to10.0 Megapixels, a variety of output interfaces including USB2.0 & USB3.0 (through a Mini-B USB jack with horizontal screw lock), complementary assembly concepts, mounts and filters. For all variants, the user and system interface is built on a unified, future-proof, cross-platform software development kit based on the latest .NET technology and compatible with Windows and Linux.

The extremely robust camera housing is specifically designed for industrial systems as well as for microscopy. It offers multiple mounting options on each side and the front face which are all symmetrical to the optical axis of the sensor.

You can choose from C-, CS- or M12-mounts for all models. An optional LED ring with 7 colour options, integrated in the housing and connected to the 8-pin I/O port with 3 IN and 3 OUT ports save money and space.

The system design and production process is optimised for a variety of options and ensures very short delivery times at an outstanding price-performance ratio. This enables maximum flexibility for customer-specific developments.

The system comes with full hardware and software documentation.

About Framos
Headquartered near Munich, Germany, Framos GmbH has been established as an innovative and active partner in industrial image processing for the last 30 years. Together with its comprehensive portfolio of imaging components such as sensors, companion chips, camera modules, cameras, lighting and accessories, we support our customers with a real variety of development services, ranging from short-term solutions for complex demands up to large scale marketable developments of complete systems. On this basis, we find or develop solutions for the key challenges in image processing, so that our customers can focus on increasing their competitive advantage.

SOURCE: Framos Electronics

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