FastVision high-speed camera leverages JPL doping process and Panavision sensor

June 8, 2012
FastVision's FC300 ultrahigh-speed camera is built around a Dynamax CMOS sensor supplied by Panavision Imaging.

The FC300 ultrahigh-speed camera is built around a Dynamax CMOS sensor supplied by Panavision Imaging and incorporates a patented delta doping process developed by JPL's (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Microdevices Laboratory. The sensor achives 3.2-Mpixel resolution at 180 frames/sec. The delta doping and an antireflective coating enable the technology to be made into a backside imager (BSI). The imager's selectivity to a range of wavelengths from deep-ultravioliet to near-infrared allows the camer to be deployed in applications sucg as medical, military and manufacturing.
FastVision (camera)
Nashua, NH, USA

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New Camera from Alacron and FastVision Incorporates Panavision’s Quiet CMOS Sensor and JPL’s Patented Delta Doping Process

Nashua, NH – Alacron, Inc., makers of high performance frame grabbers and accelerated frame grabber subsystems for more than 25 years, announced with affiliate company FastVision, LLC, that their newest product, the FC300 ultra high speed camera, built around the quiet, high speed CMOS Sensor supplied by Panavision Imaging, LLC (PVI), would be showcased at PVI’s Booth at the Advanced Imaging Association’s (AIA) trade show on May 08 - May 10, 2012 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts in Boston, MA. Furthermore, the FC300 incorporates patented delta doping process developed by JPL’s (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Microdevices Laboratory.

“Panavision Imaging now offers one of the quietest CMOS sensor designs in the world,” says Dr. Joseph Sgro, CEO of Alacron, Inc. and FastVision, LLC. “Our new FC300 camera reflects many advantages of this new sensor including low cost and high speed of 3.2 megapixels running at 180 frames per second.”

Sgro explains that this technology can be made into a back-side imager (BSI) with delta doping (DD) and anti-reflective (AR) coating.

“Our technology development effort over the past several years with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) incorporates JPL’s patented delta doping process on the sensor in the FC300,” Sgro adds. “This combination of JPL’s DD process and Panavision’s extremely quiet CMOS sensor produces 100 percent fill factor and allows selection of the sensor’s sensitivity to specific wave length, ranging from deep ultra-violet (DUV) to near infrared (NIR).”

“We are delighted that Alacron and FastVision are using our Dynamax 3.2Mp sensor in their camera,” said Derrick Boston, President and CEO of Panavision Imaging. ”With our unique, patented Active Column Sensor (ACS) technology, our Dynamax family of CMOS sensors have demonstrated advantages over CCD and other CMOS technologies, enabling us to achieve ultra-low noise levels while operating at high frame rates with wide dynamic range, in either global shutter or rolling shutter modes.”

Launched by Dr. Sgro in 1985, Alacron is known internationally for its innovative product designs and high quality manufacturing. Its product family of frame grabbers, high speed visual imaging cameras and related subsystems, analytical tools, along with customized hardware, software and integration middleware are deployed worldwide. Alacron’s digital imaging products are used by engineers in many fields, including aerospace, medicine, manufacturing, and defense. All Alacron customers benefit from the highest quality products that also boast the kind of performance and durability required by robotic, surveillance, and other machine vision applications.

Alacron’s sister company, FastVision, was launched in 2002 with a focus on research and development for, and production of very high speed smart cameras and recording systems.
“Dr. Sgro’s background and on-going interest in neurology and advanced mathematics, gives him a unique insight into R&D and manufacturer of products that address real world demands for integrated design and the need for highest quality products,” said Paul Stanton, head engineer at Alacron. “Dr. Sgro’s choice to partner with Panavision to produce the FC300 reflects his respect for Panavision’s history of developing and producing some of the best high density, high performance CMOS sensors in the world. This sensor, along with JPL’s DD and AR processes, provide users with a unique camera which has real advantages in crucial global markets such as medical, military and manufacturing.”

About Alacron, Inc.
Since 1985, Alacron has provided the world’s imaging and machine vision community with the best and most innovative frame grabbers and high performance accelerated frame grabber subsystems to meet their demanding real-world applications. Our customers demand processing power as well as a balanced architecture of flexible I/O and computational and memory bandwidth. Alacron has developed leading edge products that enable customers to work more efficiently and cost effectively. Our frame grabbers and accelerated frame grabber subsystems can be integrated into a variety of operating environments on PCI, PMC, PCMCIA and Express Card platforms using: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Solaris, and Linux. All Alacron subsystems are supported by a full range of software development tools, including a highly optimized object oriented micro-coded signal and image processing libraries. Alacron's application development platforms make it easier and more efficient for our customers to bring demanding applications to market - on time and on budget. For more information, go to or call 603.891.2750.

About FastVision, LLC
The FastCamera Series of Cameras and systems are the initial realizations of the concept of high-speed mega pixel digital camera systems, based on CMOS imagers. FastVision cameras have a high-speed, scalable, integrated FPGA and memory subsystem which enables stand-alone high speed in-camera image processing. When integrated with a high powered framegrabber/coprocessor board, or a host subsystem, the resulting system capabilities can be expanded according to the compute needs of the user. In addition, the subsystem can be integrated with the newest disk technology to allow sustained real-time data acquisition to hard disk. For more information, go to or call 603.891.4317.

About Panavision Imaging, LLC
Panavision Imaging LLC (PVI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panavision Inc. (the world's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of precision film and digital camera systems, lenses and accessories for motion pictures, television series and television commercials). PVI is an innovator and developer of high performance CMOS image sensors and related technology. Offering image sensors in both 2D array and line scan formats, PVI has an extensive and rapidly growing IP portfolio covering pixel, sensor, and system architectures, including a novel sensor technology, the Active Column Sensor (ACS). PVI’s products and technology have demonstrated advantages over competing imaging technologies such as CCD and CMOS APS. PVI’s CMOS image sensor products have been widely employed in many market applications, including flat panel display touch screen, the inspection industry, machine vision, intelligent traffic monitoring and surveillance, photography, entertainment, cinematography, industrial, scientific, government and military. For more information go to

SOURCE: Alacron

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