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41-3, Burim-ro 170beon-gil, Dongan-gu - Anyang-si - 14055 - South Korea

Since 1999, Vieworks has been one of the leading developers of advanced imaging technology. In 2008, Vieworks presented the industrial cameras and became a high-resolution imaging expert. Through Vieworks’ Nano-stage Pixel Shifting technology, Vieworks overcame the physical limits of conventional sensors. Moreover, Vieworks successfully launched VT Series, TDI Line Scan Camera, by developing the hybrid sensor that combines the advantages of CCD and CMOS sensors. The high-speed and high-sensitivity implementations enable faster ultra-precise inspection. In addition, Vieworks expanded the lineup by developing the world’s first Color Hybrid TDI Line Scan Camera, VTC Series. It allows the acquisition of true-color images at faster line rates with higher sensitivity. These cameras deliver unique and unparalleled performance in a variety of demanding applications. As an imaging expert, Vieworks will continue to provide cutting-edge technologies specialized for Machine Vision industry to enhance industrial productivity.

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