High resolution with global shutter

Aug. 17, 2021
SVS-Vistek‘s new industrial cameras hr49, hr51 and hr65 offer users an extremely wide range of applications with their combination of high resolution, global shutter and modern interfaces.

High-resolution cameras are usually equipped with a rolling shutter, which is easier to manufacture but can lead to problems, especially in applications with moving objects. With the new industrial cameras hr49, hr51 and hr65, SVS-Vistek creates attractive options that work with a global shutter despite very high resolutions and also provide an alternative for cameras with the discontinued KAI29050 sensor from ON Semiconductor. This sensor was long preferred for applications in 4:3 aspect ratio and was used in SVS-Vistek's hr29 cameras.

The new hr51 with a pixel size of 4.6 µm can replace these cameras with similar pixel size and sensor dimensions mostly with the same lens or enables the use of extremely economical lens alternatives. Users benefit from almost double the resolution (8,424 x 6,032 pixels) at more than double the frame rate of up to 30 fps, as well as the advantages of fast CoaXPress 6 or 10GigE interfaces. As a special feature, SVS-Vistek has implemented a new type of image optimization for the Gpixel CMOS sensor used in the hr51. It ensures images with excellent homogeneity, detail and dynamic range.

If the application requires a square sensor, then SVS-Vistek's new hr49 is the perfect choice: with a resolution of 7,008 x 7,000 pixels, 3.2 µm pixels and a speed of 17 fps (10GigE), it cuts a fine figure and is compatible with many lenses on the market.

SVS-Vistek’s third new release, the hr65, offers the highest resolution of 65 megapixels with 9,344 x 7,000 pixels. Despite the high resolution, it uses large pixels of 3.2 µm and therefore enables the use of many commercially available lenses. The hr65 is currently the most affordable 65 megapixel camera with global shutter in APS-C format. Like its little sister hr49, it achieves an impressive 17 fps with the modern 10GigE interface.

All three of SVS-Vistek's new introductions combine high resolution, global shutter and high performance interfaces to provide users with a powerful option for tasks where moving objects need to be inspected down to the smallest detail in color and monochrome.

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