The IMX540 (24.6 MP), IMX541 (20.4 MP) and IMX542 (16.2 MP) will be the first Gen4 representatives to be adopted into the portfolio of sensors in the Dual-GigE Vision and UBS3 Vision product ranges.

This means that, for network-based applications, the sensors are expanding what is offered by the mvBlueCOUGAR-XD and, for USB 3.0 applications, they are expanding what is offered by the mvBlueFOX3-2. Furthermore, the sensors will also expand the building blocks of our embedded vision solution mvBlueFOX3-5M.

With the Pregius Gen4 sensors, Sony is again improving the performance of the IMX CMOS global shutter sensors. These are based on the BSI pixel architecture (BSI = back side illumination), in which the electrical wiring of the pixels is positioned below the photo diode. Since the photo diode can therefore absorb more light, the sensor's pixel size can be reduced (also aided by the improved lateral light protection) while maintaining the same level of quality. In turn, this leads to smaller sensor surfaces with higher resolutions, higher image and data rates, and shorter measurement times. As a result, despite the high resolutions, a more cost-efficient C-Mount lens can be used.

Details about additional key technical data, such as frame rates, resolutions, etc, can be found on the MATRIX VISION website.

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