Enter the Metaverse With Our End-to-End Volumetric Capture System

Feb. 14, 2023

With metaverse applications shifting from concept to real world, companies across the globe find themselves trying to figure out exactly what the metaverse is and how it can impact their businesses. Answers will surely vary from case to case, but they better come soon, because the metaverse has arrived.

Immersive Digital Worlds

The metaverse can be described as the internet in 3D, or an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds, where people can watch sports, play games, use social media, and virtually attend school, concerts, and church. In a Forbes interview, Kristi Woolsey, an associate director at BCG Platinion, compared the metaverse today to the “walled gardens” of the early internet (aol.net, bit.net, darpa.net), which eventually came together to form the internet as it exists today.

Woolsey suggests that massive metaverse adoption will take place over the next few years and that it will soon become an interconnected digital world where users experience full immersion via headsets. To get to this point, however, companies will require a means for capturing, processing, and reconstructing video and generating complete 3D models that can be loaded into software like Unreal Engine, Unity, and other emerging metaverse applications.

No-Code Volumetric Capture

Building metaverse stages — or volumetric capture systems — requires robust, high-resolution, high-frame-rate cameras that capture video. Emergent Vision Technologies offers 10GigE and 25GigE cameras that meet the demanding needs of these applications. In addition, Emergent offers eCapture Pro software, a turnkey software solution that requires no software coding or system design knowledge.

A winner in the Camera Support, Control, and Accessories category of the 2022 NAB Product of the Year Awards, eCapture Pro software features a control center from power-up to 3D model asset generation — a complete geometric representation of the scene. These models can be loaded into metaverse software including Blender and Unreal Engine as a starting point for any type of 3D production, with the assets repurposed for multiple scenarios. 

In this 3D reconstruction and playback video, eCapture Pro software, 36x 10GigE cameras, one switch, one server, and one GPU are shown running at 210 Gbps and recording to server SSDs. Through the 10GigE SFP+ interface and the 12 MP Sony Pregius IMX253 CMOS sensor, the HR-12000-C camera reaches 80 fps at full resolution. Additionally, the camera offers multicamera synchronization at less than 1 µs, low CPU overhead, and fiber cable lengths from 1 to 10 km without the need for fiber converters or repeaters.

For metaverse applications, if you can dream it, we can help build it. Reach out with questions and learn about the benefits of networked architecture common in our tier 1 customer projects, which consist of 250-camera, multiple-dome setups and were compatible with Microsoft’s mixed reality capture software. As of March 10, 2023, however, Microsoft is closing its mixed reality division, so end users looking to continue creating volumetric capture and metaverse content can look to Emergent cameras and software as the successor. To learn more about how we can help you launch into the metaverse, contact us today.

eCapture Pro Comprehensive Software Demonstration

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