Neurocle won the 2021 VSD Innovators Awards being rewarded with deep learning vision software

Dec. 16, 2021

Neurocle announced that it won the Silver Award at the 2021 Innovators Awards hosted by Vision System Design rewarded with the Deep Learning Vision Software (Neuro-T).

The Vision System Design 2021 Innovators Awards is an award given by Vision System Design, a professional media that analyzes and provides trends in the latest technologies, application and services of vision systems around the world.

The award-winning products of the Vision System Design Awards, which evaluate products in the field of machine vision and imaging, are selected annually by independent expert panel judges, and products that have contributed greatly to productivity by utilizing product originality, innovativeness and new technology are given rewards.

Neurocle was rewarded with being recognized result in that they developed and succeeded in commercializing product for non-expert at deep learning with the Neuro-T, which took a patent for "auto deep learning algorithm (an algorithm that creates optimal deep learning model for images through GUI manipulation even without deep learning expertise).

Recently, two medical papers that analyzed CT and X-ray images using Neuro-T were published in practice. It was also highly praised that there are various cases in which deep learning non-experts are leading project utilizing products in the inspection of manufacturing exterior defects and logistics packaging.

Hongsuk Lee, CEO of Neurocle, said, "This award is more meaningful because it proves that our deep learning vision software has made innovative changes in machine vision and imaging field, and we will continue to be a company that leads innovation in the industry."

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