High-Speed Cameras for Machine Vision: 10GigE to 100GigE Solutions

Feb. 2, 2023

Machine vision systems comprise a camera, lighting, lens, cables, interface peripherals, industrial computing platform, and software that all work together to acquire images, deliver data, extract information, and make decisions as part of an automated procedure. Manufacturing requirements and processes continue to grow and evolve, however, putting the onus on the vendor community to innovate their offerings, from CMOS sensor developments to high-speed interface advances.

Machine vision systems today are a critical part of the manufacturing process, offering companies a highly accurate, high-speed automated system that increases productivity, enhances efficiency, and drives revenue. The technologies and components typically used in machine vision have found their way into applications beyond the factory floor, such as volumetric capture, metaverse, and sports live streaming applications where high-data-rate, high-frame-rate cameras are required. For today’s challenging high-speed imaging applications –on the plant floor and beyond – Emergent Vision Technologies can provide a solution, from start to finish.

A Range of High-Speed Camera Options

While legacy machine vision systems typically deployed cameras with lower image resolution – approximately 5MP and below – unlocking capabilities in new and existing applications requires higher resolution cameras. For such applications, Emergent offers the Zenith line of GigE Vision cameras based on the industry’s fastest machine vision interface – 100GigE. The HZ-150-G 100GigE camera, for instance, features the 152MP Gpixel GMAX32152 CMOS image sensor and can reach 16fps, while the HZ-100-G camera based on GPixel’s 103.7MP GMAX32103 can reach 24fps.

Figure 1: The HZ-2000-G 2.5MP, 100GigE camera reaches 3462fps.

Of course, most machine vision applications won’t require such resolution, and for these tasks Emergent offers lower-resolution, higher-speed GigE cameras such as the 2.5MP HZ-2000-G, which reaches a staggering 3462fps at full resolution, and the HZ-10000-G, a 10MP 1000fps camera based on the Gpixel GSPRINT4510 CMOS sensor. Systems integrators and OEMs need a range of options when it comes to machine vision technologies, so Emergent also has an extensive range of 10GigE and 25GigE cameras that suit a vast variety of application needs.

On the 10GigE side, Emergent offers the HR and HT series (10GigE SFP+ or 10GigE RJ45 interface, respectively) that range from 0.5MP to 50MP, with speeds from 23fps to 1586fps. These models feature the latest CMOS sensors from Sony and ams. In the Bolt series of 25GigE cameras, our models range from 0.5MP up to one of our newest models, the 127.7MP HB-127-S 25GigE camera, which is based on Sony’s Pregius IMX661 sensor and reaches 19.9fps.

Figure 2: With Sony's 127.7MP Pregius IMX661, the 25GigE HB-127-S reaches 19.9fps.

Line Scan, UV, and Polarized Options

For applications such as web inspection or printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, Emergent offers 10GigE, 25GigE, and now 100GigE line scan camera models as well. The new Pinnacle series of 100GigE cameras features the TLZ-9KG5 (9K 256 TDI model, 608KHz) and the LZ-16KG5 (16Kx16, 400KHz), while the 25GigE Accel series ranges from the LB-8KG7 (8Kx4, 300KHz) to the LB-16KG5 (16Kx16, 180KHz). In the Pace LR (10GigE SFP+) series, models range from LR-4KG35 (4Kx2, 172KHz) to the TLR-9KG5 (9K 256 TDI, 121KHz).

Figure 3: Based on the Gpixel GL5016 16Kx16 sensor, the LZ-16KG5 reaches single line rates of up to 400KHz.

For specialized applications that require sensitivity beyond the visible light spectrum or cameras capable of inspecting glass or other highly reflective materials, Emergent now offers 10GigE cameras and 25GigE multispectral cameras with ultraviolet sensitivity, along with 10GigE polarization cameras. These machine vision cameras for UV and polarization imaging applications all feature the latest Sony CMOS image sensors. 

Comprehensive Software, Powerful NICs

Software represents a crucial aspect of a machine vision or imaging system. Designed to deliver an intuitive graphical interface for complete and easy system integration for applications ranging from volumetric capture to machine vision, eCapture Pro application software offers turnkey integration, camera-setting flexibility, advanced preview and recording capabilities, synchronized capture to microsecond accuracy, and calibration, background, and production take management capabilities. In addition, the software’s features include advanced playback functionality for spatial and time domains, camera calibration with auto-camera position detection, integrated 3D reconstruction and texturing, and an Unreal/Unity plugin for streaming models.

Figure 4: Our new quad-port NICs are available in 25GigE and 10GigE options.

Developed to allow end users to get the most out of their high-speed GigE cameras, Emergent also now offers network interface cards (NICs), including the 100GigE Zeus, 25GigE Hermes, and 10GigE Theia NICs, which feature a 5V TTL trigger port, full Ethernet network compatibility, CPU offloading, camera multiplexing using switches, and GPUDirect capabilities. Zeus NICs are available with single or double port options, while the 25GigE Hermes and 10GigE Theia are offered in dual or quad port options.

Figure 5: eCapture Pro is a full-featured software that offers complete and easy system integration.

Here is a quick snapshot of the adoption of GigE Vision products ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE. Emergent has shown how top performance can be achieved and opened up many markets including machine vision to the use of such technologies. Some companies are just now leveraging our efforts toward releasing 25G and higher speed products but still a way to go to release ratified and performance products.

Figure 6: Emergent Vision Technologies is the first provider of cameras based on 10GigE, 25GigE, 50GigE, and 100GigE interfaces.

About Emergent Vision Technologies

Here is a recap of what Emergent is all about…

  • 10+ awards for innovation and pioneering the high-speed GigE Vision imaging movement
  • 10+ years shipping 10GigE cameras with more than 140 models
  • 5+ years shipping 25GigE cameras with more than 55 models
  • 2+ years shipping 100GigE cameras with more than 16 models
  • Camera technology performance leader
  • Focused on high-speed Ethernet/GigE Vision
  • Focused on enabling the processing of high-speed image data
  • Area scan and line scan models
  • UV, NIR, polarized, color, mono models for multispectral applications
  • Emergent eSDK for full application flexibility
  • Emergent eCapture Pro for a highly comprehensive software solution
  • Most comprehensive range of product and support for high-speed imaging applications
  • Any speed, any resolution, any cable length
  • Available NOW!

We are a multi-award-winning company with a focus on high-speed GigE Vision products

We have many years shipping product ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE.

We have a strong focus on providing end-to-end technologies and support for our customers’ applications.

We can fulfill most application needs.

Lastly, the products presented are available now.

Learn more about all our high-speed vision options here or contact us directly with questions. 

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