Embedded Vision Cameras for Processing on the Edge or Cloud

May 25, 2022
The camera modules are based on the latest Ambarella CV series System on Chips (SoCs).

iENSO has made available two embedded vision camera modules, based on the latest Ambarella CV series System on Chips (SoCs) that support resolutions from 1080p up to 8K, onboard CNN/DNN processing, and multisensor inputs. iENSO says its iVS-CV28P camera module is suitable for applications where there are stringent requirements for size, power consumption, and cost, such as IoT, consumer or small business surveillance, precision farming, and home appliances. Meanwhile, the iVS-CV22 is suitable for applications driven by a need for processing power, such as commercial surveillance, drones, industrial OEMs, and aftermarket automotive use cases. Based on a 10-nm low-power CMOS process, key features of both camera modules include multiexposure HDR and 3-axis image stabilization. In addition, the iVS-CV22 has up to 4Kp60 maximum encoding performance, 180° and 360° fisheye lens distortion correction, and a +700 MPixel input rate. The iVS-CV28P has up to 5MPp30 maximum encoding performance, 180° fisheye lens distortion correction, and up to a 320 MPixel input rate.

To Learn More:

Contact: iENSO

Headquarters: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Product: iVS-CV22 and iVS-CV28P

Key Features: Based on 10 nm low-power CMOS process, up to 320 MPixel input rate (iVS-CV22), +700 MPixel input rate (iVS-CV28P)

What iENSO says:

View more information on iVS-CV22 and iVS-CV28P.

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