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Nov. 1, 2018
To help alleviate the task of finding the find camera for your application, our 16th annual Worldwide Industrial Camera Directory include models from more than 100 camera vendors and distributors in North America, Europe.

Whether high-speed or high-resolution, low-light, or specialized, cameras are a core component in nearly all machine-vision and image-processing applications. Many cameras employ off-the-shelf CCD and CMOS imagers from just a handful of manufacturers, and their performance characteristics can be difficult to analyze by simply reading technical specifications from a data sheet. Others incorporate specialized sensors, such has hybrid CCD on CMOS or sensors sensitive to spectrums beyond the visible wavelengths. While choosing the right camera is one key to success, the increasing diversity of available image sensors, cameras and their performance characteristics make camera specification more challenging than ever. To help alleviate this task, our annual guide to finding the right camera for an application—Vision Systems Design’s Worldwide Industrial Camera Directory—begins on page 21 of thisissue.

Cameras from more than 100 camera vendors and distributors in North America, Europe, and Asia are listed. Cameras are identified by key data such as manufacturer, product name, sensor type, scan type, resolution, spectrum, interface and data rate. The directory also includes information on sensor format and on the numerous standards available such as Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link, CoaXPress, and USB through which the cameras interface. In addition to being part of our November issue, this directory will be widely distributed at trade shows for the next year and is currently available on our website at

I also want to invite you to participate in the fifth annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards program, which has swiftly become an important initiative that encourages and recognizes advances in the machine vision marketplace. Organizations that demonstrate excellence in a product or technology, an application, or in research and development, are invited to apply. The awards will be presented in April 2019 at the Automate show in Chicago. Here’s why the investment of time and resources to enter is well worth the effort. First, it’s the most economical way to be recognized as a leader and innovator to the largest collection of machine vision professionals in the world and receive coverage in Vision Systems Design magazine as well as on

Next, it’s a great way to rise above the competition, with credible, third-party validation that your innovation has something unique and worthy of review. Finally, it’s excellent PR! Honorees can fully capitalize with announcements that enhance visibility within the industry. Proud recipients can display the award at their booths at the show, and then bring it back to showcase in their lobby. Plus, they will be able to use the 2019 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award logo in campaigns, on their website and in marketing materials to reinforce their status. Full program details, including instructions for submission, can be found at Please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or (603) 891-9130 if you have anyquestions.

John Lewis, Editor in Chief

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John Lewis | Editor in Chief

John has technical, industry, and journalistic qualifications, most recently with more than 13 years of progressive content development experience working at Cognex Corporation. Prior to Cognex where his articles on machine vision were published in dozens of trade journals, Lewis was a technical editor for Design News, the world's leading engineering magazine, covering automation, machine vision, and other engineering topics since 1996.

B.Sc., University of Massachusetts, Lowell

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