FireWire port shipments reach 2 billion

IEEE 1394 provides more than 1.2 billion consumer, computer, and industrial products with optimal connectivity, and will move to 1.6-Gbit/s bandwidth in 2011.

TheFireWire interface reached the two billion ports milestone in 2010 and will continue its steady growth worldwide throughout 2011, according to the 1394 Trade Association.

FireWire continues to be applied in a wide range of PCs, storage systems, set-top boxes, industrial andfactory automation equipment, and professional audio systems. In addition, the 1394 standard is moving forward in automotive networking applications.

The 1394 Trade Association, which made the announcement prior to its first quarter general meeting in Las Vegas, estimates the total of 1394-equipped devices will increase again in 2011. The group foresees continued expansion into higher-speed computing, storage, and consumer electronics products, with steady growth of 1394-enabled products in theindustrial cameras and instrumentation segments, where FireWire is well established.

“The two billion ports represents a significant new milestone for 1394,” says Max Bassler, chairman, 1394 Trade Association. “Just as impressive is the innovative and creative application of FireWire in new generations of advancedindustrial automation, vision systems, and production equipment. FireWire will continue its steady, stable growth during 2011, as we migrate to the first products operating at 1.6-Gbit/s bandwidth -- and as 1394 proves itself superior to competitive interfaces in a variety of sectors.”

SOURCE:1394 Trade Association

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