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Fisheye lens is miniature; Camera tests AOI; Single-board computer is robust; Hand-held IR camera is affordable; MORE...

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Fisheye lens is miniature

Th 0507vsd Product01
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The DSL215 miniature (20 × 15 mm) fisheye lens features a 185° field of view and resolution suitable for megapixel CMOS and CCD sensors. For applications using near-infrared illumination, the lens can be provided with antireflection coatings only. For color imaging, an IR cut-off filter can be integrated. The lens can be used for security, surveillance, automotive, and specialty-photography applications.
Carlsbad, CA, USA

Camera tests AOI

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Modularly extendable camera for PCB inspection allows alternative selection between a 1- and 4-Mpixel camera module. Users can add camera options for through-hole components, color inspection, or 3-D measurement, as well as angled view inspection. The 4-Mpixel camera with system-specific telecentric-lens unit offers an inspection field of 40 × 40 mm at 21-µm resolution. Multicolored LED illumination can be controlled separately, providing a high-contrast display.
GÖPEL electronic
Jena, Germany

Single-board computer is robust

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CCR-200 dual Intel Pentium M-based PICMG 2.16 6U single-board computer doubles the compute density currently available in a single slot of a PICMG 2.16 backplane. It consists of two loosely coupled compute nodes interconnected by Gigabit Ethernet. Each node is populated with an Intel Pentium M processor that can run at up to 2 GHz, with up to 2-Gbytes of memory. Features include 0°C-55°C operating temperature and battery-backed real-time clock.
Mercury Computer Systems
Chelmsford, MA, USA

Hand-held IR camera is affordable

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Compact, portable ThermaCAM EX320 has built-in 320 × 240-pixel array and reportedly provides four times the resolution of any hand-held camera its size and in its price range. It has high thermal sensitivity (to 0.08°C) and image quality (76,800 picture elements in each image). The radiometric jpeg image format allows the user to go back to any image at any time to add and remove spots, measure temperatures, and perform analysis that may have been missed in the field. Thermal images and measurements stored in the camera’s memory can be downloaded to a PC using ThermaCAM Quickview software (included) and standard USB or serial cables for later retrieval and analysis. Dust and splash-proof, it meets IP 54 standards and will not seize up in either extreme cold or hot temperature variances. Optional lenses include a telescope lens and a wide-angle lens.
FLIR Systems
North Billerica, MA, USA

Camera features Gigabit Ethernet

Th 182430
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TM-6740GE camera offers up to 200 frames/s at full resolution and partial scan and binning modes up to 3205 frames/s. The 1/3-in. VGA-format progressive-scan camera is based on the Kodak KAI-0340 CCD imager and features both analog and Gigabit Ethernet output that is 8- or 10-bit software-selectable. Other features include automatic dual-channel compensation and a built-in pattern generator. The camera is available in a monochrome format (TM-6740GE) or with a Bayer CFA (TMC-6740GE) and comes in a 50.8 × 50.8 × 85.1-mm housing.
JAI Pulnix
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Robots designed for precision assembly

AdeptViper family of 6-axis robots is available in two models: the AdeptViper s650 and the AdeptViper s850. The AdeptViper s650 robot has 653-mm reach and a 0.49-s cycle time; the AdeptViper s850 robot has 854-mm reach and a 0.59-s cycle time. Both robots are designed for either table or ceiling mounting and have a 5-kg payload capacity. They feature a real-time and multitasking operating system.
Adept Technology
Livermore, CA, USA

Thermal-imaging camera is compact

Low-cost M4 camera system is hand-held, weighs less than 300 gm, and is 120 × 60 × 30 mm. It comes with a thermal imaging camera, a visible imaging camera, a laser locator, and thermal- and visible-channel displays, allowing easy identification of thermal properties. On-board software functions allow temperature measurements with sensitivity of ~0.1°C. Object emissivity, single- and multiple-point temperatures, isotherms, max/min, and electronic zoom are standard functions. The M4 camera has 8 Gbits of on-board data storage for thermal and visible images and up to 300 s of voice annotation per image pair. Bundled with the camera is a suite of Windows-based postprocessing software.
Armstrong Optical
Northants, UK

OCV system ensures integrity

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ProofRead, an optical-character-verification (OCV) system, reads 2-D matrix codes, RSS, and 1-D barcodes, providing a method for checking package integrity and product traceability. A single system can utilize up to four cameras to verify characters and read codes at multiple stations on a packaging line, reducing overall cost per inspection. ProofRead is available in three configurations: a board-level configuration for OEMs and system integrators, a system including a PC, and a fully packaged system complete with PC and stainless-steel enclosure. With built-in security, change tracking, and logging capability, ProofRead also helps ensure compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.
Natick, MA, USA

Photometer enables testing

ProMetric 1000 colorimeter from Radiant Imaging (Duvall, WA, USA) consists of a progressive-scan, electronically shuttered camera based on a 1392 × 1040 RGB CCD. Both fixed-focal-length camera lenses and microscope objective optics are available. The hardware can produce 10-bit-dynamic-range images in less than 1 s and then rapidly transfer the data to a host computer via a USB 2.0 interface. The bundled ProMetric 8.0 software provides camera control, data acquisition, and image-analysis capabilities.
Pro-Lite Technology
Cranfield, UK

Frame grabber is economical

Th 0507vsd Product07
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The economical mvGAMMA-CL Camera Link frame grabber from Matrix Vision (Oppenweiler, Germany) provides a Camera Link Base port with a maximum data-transfer rate of 95 Mbytes/s. An optoisolated I/O for trigger and flash control is available on an additional connector, and there is an extra input for connecting an incremental encoder. Using an on-board processor, Bayer Mosaic color images can be converted in real time to the current display format for live display. The mvGAMMA-CL has 8 Mbytes of on-board memory, ensuring error-free image data transfer. The frame grabber comes with Windows ImpactGo!, as well as the mvIMPACT Base Library with basic image-processing algorithms.
Digital Network Vision
Waltham, MA, USA

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