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Sensor views color

Th 0610vsd Products01
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ZFV-C sensor distinguishes shapes and colors. Integrated color filters enable sensing of only selected colors when necessary. The ZFV-C also features a “Teach and Go” function with a color LCD screen and simple menu that reduce setup to a few steps. There are eight sensor functions available, including counting, pattern recognition, size verification, position, brightness, and text verification. As many as five sensors can be connected to one controller bus through a snap-on system, allowing five different inspections in one pass.
Omron Electronics
Schaumburg, IL, USA

Rotary stages are low profile

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Features of the ABRS series rotary air-bearing stages include direct-drive slotless, brushless servomotor; zero cogging motor for velocity stability; low-profile, planar design; and no mechanical contact. An optical encoder is standard with the ABRS. When coupled with the company’s feedback multipliers and controls, resolutions of <0.03 arc sec are achievable. Custom versions of the ABRS are available for rate table and inertial guidance test-stand applications.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Device reads Data Matrix codes

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ICR840 area CMOS 2-D barcode reader is for applications that use directly marked stationary objects. It offers 3-Mpixel (1280 × 1024) resolution and integrated LED illumination for 1- and 2-D Data Matrix decoding. The ICR840 resolution can be adjusted to increase the image repeat rate above 25 Hz. The standard field of view is 45 × 35 mm. Supplementary software assistants support users during mechanical adjustment, teach-in of the code to be detected, and Ethernet connection.
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Camera has wide dynamic range

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TM-1327GE, a compact, progressive-scan CCD camera, features a 2/3-in. image sensor (Sony ICX285) and the ability to capture 30 frames/s at 1.4-Mpixel resolution. Contained in a 50.8 × 50.8 × 84.8-mm housing, the camera offers a wide dynamic range with high sensitivity over both visible and near-IR portions of the spectrum. The camera’s interline-transfer CCD permits full vertical and horizontal resolution with shutter speeds up to 1/21,000 s. The TM-1327GE features a C-mount lens flange and is available in both monochrome and Bayer CFA color formats (TMC-1327GE), or with optional UV response (OP21-UV).
JAI Camera Solutions
Glostrup, Denmark

Camera is custom

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PicSight is a custom-designed series of cameras in which OEMs pick image characteristics (such as resolution, sensitivity) from the company’s standard sensor modules based on CCD or CMOS sensors; then they select the image-transfer method (GigE, Camera Link) from the standard interface modules or choose in-camera processing with a smart processing module. The company assembles and tests all PicSight products before they are shipped. Any PicSight product can be controlled through .Net, VB, C/C++ for Windows, Linux, or VxWorks.
Leutron Vision
Glattbrugg, Switzerland

Software guides cameras

Linux GigE Vision software-development kit (SDK) lets programmers control and capture images from the company’s Gigabit Ethernet cameras. The cameras can now be used on Linux computers. The SDK includes sample code and works on both x86 and PowerPC hardware. Data are received through the GigE port of the host computer so there is no need for a frame grabber.
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Stereo-vision system is easy to use

Bumblebee2 stereo-vision camera system contains two 1/3-in. progressive-scan CCD sensors and transmits left and right images to a PC via an IEEE-1394 interface. It includes the Digiclops and Triclops software-development kits, enabling users to control camera settings, adjust image quality, and access real-time depth-range images using stereo-vision technology. Example programs and source code are included. The Bumblebee2 camera is available in color or monochrome at 640 × 480-pixel resolution at 48 frames/s or at 1024 × 768-pixel resolution at 18 frames/s and offers a choice of 3.8- or 6.0-mm-focal-length lens.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Camera works jitter-free

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VC4466 camera incorporates a Texas Instruments DSP and features an RS-232 and an Ethernet interface, as well as an external trigger input that enables jitter-free image recording. Standard equipment also includes a high-speed encoder interface. The VC4466 has a 1/3-in. CCD sensor with 1024 × 768-pixel resolution and a maximum frame rate of 30 frames/s (60 frames/s in binning mode). The basic models are equipped with 4 Mbytes Flash EPROM and 64 Mbytes SDRAM for program and picture storage, which can be optionally extended to 128 Mbytes. The cameras have a direct video output, four digital PLC inputs, and four digital outputs.
Vision Components
Ettlingen, Germany

Board-level camera is small

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This small, lightweight (21 grams) board-level device is CMOS-sensor-based and has a full-frame shutter, an IEEE-1394 interface, and a small footprint. It can operate at up to 100 frames/s at full 656 × 491-pixel resolution. It includes an area-of-interest feature that allows it to operate with higher frame rates at lower resolutions. Because the TTL-level I/O is directly connected to the camera’s electronics, it reacts faster than ports on a standard camera.
Basler Vision Components
Ahrensburg, Germany

X-Y stage is compact

Open-frame precision positioning stage KDT 180 - DC offers a low-profile design with overall height of 32 mm and square footprint of 199 × 199 mm. Total travel is 60 mm in each direction with straightness/flatness deviation of 1 µm. Included are the drive mechanisms for each axis--a precision preloaded miniature ball screw coupled to a dc motor with rotary encoder. The table weighs 2.5 kg and can handle loads up to 50 N. It offers a positional accuracy of 5 µm and repeatability of 1 µm.
Burlington, MA, USA

Small cameras offer functionality

Two models of small observation cameras are designed around Omnivision CMOS single camera chips to provide a high level of functionality in a small-footprint LCC package. The signal-to-noise ratio of each is >46 dB. The cameras come with approximately 1 m of connecting cable and connectors for video and power, or optional 20 m of AV cable and microphone, audio preamplifier, and 230-V power supply.
Reinaert Electronics
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cameras work on the network

i-NET STREAM camera series utilizes both MJPEG and MPEG4 compression formats. The cameras accept all CS-mount auto-iris lenses. An audio feature is precisely synchronized to the video. The camera housing is a compact solid-metal security style. In addition to the digital RJ-45 connector, a separate analog BNC output aids security installers for lens field-of-view setups, as well as general operational checks during the installation process. Operation is 10/100 Mbits/s and 30 frames/s at CIF. Supported protocols are TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP, UDP, SNTP, ICMP, DDNS, DNS, UPnP, PPPoE, and ARP.
Videology Imaging Solutions
Greenville, RI, USA

Zoom lenses are compact

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Designed for use with 1/2- or 1/3-in. CCD cameras, TV macro zoom lenses are for surface-inspection tasks such as semiconductor and LCD manufacture, PCB inspection, electronic-component production monitoring, and alignment. Lenses weigh less than 100 g, are compact, provide 4:1 zoom, and offer 173 mm of working distance. Eight lens magnifications (0.02X to 2.4X) are available, with or without integrated coaxial episcopic illumination.
Moritex Europe
Cambridge, UK

Systems extend signals

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CFL-3 High Speed Base and CFL-4 Base/Medium/Full digital camera extension systems operate at speeds from 20 to 85 MHz. They include serial connectivity for camera-control signals, pan/tilt/zoom, or accessories to control as lighting or sensors. The systems are compatible with all Camera Link cameras. They permit placement of a digital camera up to 1000 m away from the controlling computer with transparent Camera Link operation. Each system consists of a pair of electronic units connected by two or three strands of fiberoptic cable. The transmitter unit connects to the camera with an MDR-26 male-to-male cable, and the receiver unit connects to the CPU using an identical cable. Installation is plug-and-play.
Logical Solutions/Thinklogical
Milford, CT, USA

Device performs lab analysis

VideometerLab 2 is a vision-based laboratory device designed for determining surface color and chemical composition. The unit integrates illumination, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital image analysis and statistics. Using strobed LED technology VideometerLab 2 combines measurements at up to 20 different wavelengths into a single high-resolution multispectral image. Every pixel in the image is a spectrum, and the system will include wavelengths outside the range detected by traditional RGB technology.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Camera works on the Internet

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ITM-IPC66T camera for IP networks measures 84.1 × 52.5 × 1.6 mm. The integrated Web server provides remote control via Internet or intranet so no special software is required. It comes with a configurable motion detector. Snapshots can be stored in a flash card or on the hard disk or can be sent to an e-mail recipient. Features include an image frame rate of 10 to 15 frames/s for VGA.
Intertec Components
Freising, Germany

Telecentric lenses are adjustable

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TML-HP telecentric measuring lenses offer a compact, cost-effective solution for replacing standard lenses with fixed focal lengths. These lenses offer features including smaller fields of view, a high numerical aperture, and higher magnifications of 1X, 2X, and 4X. The 2X and 4X models also feature a double-telecentric design, giving the sharpest image while minimizing errors for the accurate measurements. The simplified nonfocusing mechanical design offers adjustable iris control. A standard C-mount camera interface is optimized for adaptability on 1/2-in. camera sensors. A front filter thread is offered for the addition of filters, polarizers, or various types of illumination.
Edmund Optics
Barrington, NJ, USA

Camera is for long-time uses

MotionXtra HG-XR camera can image at a full resolution of 1.7 Mpixels and 1000 frames/s for up to 20 s. It features up to 32 Gbytes and can withstand up to 100G shock forces. It includes UniCAL-an automatic image-calibration algorithm, which thermally tracks the sensor’s black level and gain to yield the best image quality over a large operating temperature range. The camera also features live video (NTSC/PAL) with on-screen display capability.
Tucson, AZ, USA

Frame grabber supports RGB

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PC_EYE/RGB is a color frame grabber for PCI Express. It supports two RGB cameras in multiplex mode with reset/restart functions. For easy connecting with standard RGB cable, it is equipped with two15-pin D-Sub connectors. The PC_EYE/RGB supports the PCI Express (x1 - 1 lane) interface at more than twice the data rate of a 32-bit PCI interface.
American Eltec
Las Vegas, NV, USA

System changes 2-D to 3-D

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Feinfocus HDCT-FOX, a 2-D/3-D x-ray inspection system, combines high-resolution 2-D x-ray technology and enhanced 3-D computed tomography techniques with proprietary Feinfocus HDX-Ray technology for detailed inspection and analysis of electronic devices. The system instantaneously captures high-resolution 2-D images and reconstructs 3-D volume models with film-like quality, providing insight into design and manufacturing processes. A modular hardware- and software-based CT interface accommodates a variety of imaging chains, with automatic configuration of the detector for optimal CT resolution.
Garbsen, Germany

Data streams run simultaneously

Multirate video coding technology, SMAC-M, solves the conflicting requirements of simultaneous recording and remote surveillance. SMAC-M is designed for TeleEye RX Series video recording transmitters. It outputs five independent digital video streams at different bit rates to cover all commercial communication channels in the market. The first video stream is reserved for real-time video recording. The other four video streams are designed for efficient transmission through LAN, broadband Internet, phone line, and mobile channels. The separate data streams lead to optimum performance on both aspects.
Hong Kong, China

Software speeds robot deployment

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In-Sight Explorer software release 3.3 includes new calibration, communication, and other tools that minimize integration time when deploying vision in robotic guidance and inspection applications. The new software includes nonlinear calibration, robot drivers and sample code, and PatMax to locate unfixtured parts. In-Sight Explorer 3.3 is available on a range of IP67-rated hardware platforms.
Natick, MA, USA

Inspection device is hand-held

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A 90º video inspection camera with a range of focus from 5.4 mm to infinity, the hand-held video inspection device is a rigid unit containing a 1/3-in. color CMOS camera, ten imbedded white LEDs for illumination, and one simple control level that controls aperture, illumination, and focus. Housed in durable plastic and weighing 70 gm, the HVID can be used for inspecting inside small spaces and crevices where normal cameras will not fit.
LINOS Photonics
Milford, MA, USA

Megapixel camera gives color

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IK-TF9C, a 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution, three-chip, color CCD camera has a frame rate of 20 frames/s (full frame) and 40 frames/s (partial scan). It is for inspecting larger surfaces with precision and high color fidelity. It incorporates the company’s progressive-scan technology, which eliminates image jitter. The camera weighs 165 g and measures 44 × 44 × 78.3 mm. Features include a C mount for lenses, an 8-bit RGB digital output, and Camera Link compatibility.
Toshiba Imaging Systems Division
Irvine, CA, USA

Software is updated

Release 9.0 of the company’s machine-vision software library-Common Vision Blox (CVB)-includes updates for the Image Manager, Foundation Package plus the Tools. The vision development environment offers wizards for VB.Net, VC.Net, and C#.Net. The CVB display speed has been further enhanced by almost 50%, which raises the transfer rate from memory into the display from 80 to 120 Mbytes/s. A new file format enables the user to load a list of images from hard disk or via a network. The redesigned download section of the company’s web site offers the latest driver software for frame grabbers and cameras as separate downloadable zip files.
Stemmer Imaging
Puchheim, Germany

Blackbody source gives options

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A range of blackbody sources offering a variety of resolution, accuracy, and output-aperture options has been released to accompany the company’s thermal-imaging sensor modules, thermal-imaging cameras, and thermography cameras. The JQG-300 is a blackbody system with an effective 125-mm circular emitting area. Offering flexible temperature setup between +5ºC and 300ºC, high resolution at 0.01ºC, and uniform radiation, it is for the calibration of infrared camera systems and thermography cameras.
Armstrong Optical
Northants, UK

Profiler has high dynamic range

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Beam profiler, the FireWire BeamPro, operates with a FireWire interface and does not require a frame-grabber card. BeamPro Model 2523 is a 2/3-in.-format (9.0 × 6.7 mm) CCD with 6.45-μm pixels, and Model 2512 is a 1/2-in.-format (6.5 × 4.8 mm) CCD with 8.3-μm pixels. The system measures both continuous-wave and pulsed beams over the wavelength range of 190-1100 nm. The nominal dynamic range of this array is 72 dB (12 bits of digitization), and, using extended range imaging, profiles with a dynamic range as high as 144 dB (~24 bits of digitization) can be obtained.
San Jose, CA, USA

Cameras support FireWire a and b

Modular FireWire camera series supports IEEE-1394 FireWire “a“ and “b“ - which provides data-transfer rates up to 80 Mbytes/s. Five models are available (monochrome and color versions) with resolutions from VGA up to 2 Mpixels. The cameras offer functions such as gain, offset, and exposure time settings, as well as binning and true partial scan readout modes. The image data buffer that has been upgraded to 32 Mbytes ensures that all image data are transmitted securely and reliably and at very high speeds, even when used in multicamera applications. The housing design, suitable for industrial environments, is 36 × 36 × 55 mm. In addition to FireWire, the software interface also supports Gigabit Ethernet and is designed for future 64-bit PC architectures and platforms such as .NET.
Baumer Optronic
Radeberg, Germany

Linescan lenses have F-mount

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LM50CLS and LM28CLS 3CCD color linescan lenses offer focal lengths of 50 mm and 28 mm, respectively, iris range of 2.8 to 16, and minimum focus distance of 0.5 m. The lenses have 30-mm sensor coverage and a Nikon F-mount. The front filter screw size is M52 × 0.75 for the LM50CLS and M72 × 0.75 for the LM28CLS, and the maximum diameter (ratio) is f/2.8.
KOWA Optimed
Torrance, CA, USA

Video stabilizer works in real time

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IVS-100 video stabilizer has 12-Vdc operation and electrically corrects video shaking that occurs in camera applications. It can correct up to 40% in vertical or horizontal directions in relation to the screen. The IVS-100 provides subpixel level correction precision. It is 145 × 40 × 162 mm.
FOR-A Corporation of America
Cypress, CA, USA

Megapixel camera is compact

Th 0610vsd Products21
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SVS1020, a 1-Mpixel camera, has resolution of 1000 × 1000 pixels. The camera is available with monochrome and color sensors (Bayer pattern). Software tools are included with the camera to provide adjustments to the operational mode, gain, and offset. The matching frame grabber with shading correction is also on offered.
Seefeld, Germany

OptoTherm adds AVI format

Th 0610vsd Products22
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Thermalyze software version 4.5 gives users the ability to create thermal imaging videos in AVI format. Videos can display thermal images, 3-D thermal images, strip charts, line profiles, histograms, as well as temperature statistical data from images. Other features include a tool to enable users to precisely locate the position of thermal anomalies with respect to a reference point.
Sewickley, PA, USA

Devices have built-in FIFO memory

ML87V2107 and ML87V21071 large-scale imaging devices operate on a single 3.3-V power supply. They are integrated into a single chip and reduce CCD camera noise in dim light. The ML87V2107 is equipped with a noise-reduction function and a frame synchronizer to adjust time axis distortion and synchronization phase of image signals. The ML87V21071 is also equipped with functions to eliminate digital cross color. These chips can be used as option ICs for the company’s display controllers and MPEG4 encoders.
Oki Electric Industry
Tokyo, Japan

Miniature stage moves quickly

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P-652 piezoelectric linear-motor driven translation stage is smaller than other miniature stages and provides high speed and resolution. The stage consists of four parts and can replace classical drive elements such as rotary motor/leadscrew assemblies or electromagnetic linear motors in a microsystem. The stage measures 9.0 × 6.5 × 2.4 mm, offers a travel range of 3.2 mm, and can move at velocities up to 80 mm/s. Submicron resolution, combined with a high holding force of 20 grams, are additional features.
PI (Physik Instrumente)
Auburn, MA, USA

Software enhances 3-D images

Using a Z-stack of images, 3D Surface Inspector module allows Image-Pro Plus users to visualize and measure their industrial or biological images in three dimensions. Images can be rotated to better understand their structure. Surfaces can be viewed from any angle and can be enhanced using texture mapping, wire frame, or pseudocoloring. Lighting, contrast, and shadows can be controlled for further image enhancement. 3D Surface Inspector includes measurement tools for extracting quantitative data from 3-D images.
Media Cybernetics
Silver Spring, MD, USA

Linear slide gives stability

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The combined compact profile of the MDrivePlus and linear slide provides torsional stiffness and stability. The slide includes a precision aluminum guide and wear-compensating, antibacklash-driven carriage with precision rolled stainless-steel lead screw. Slots accommodate sensor bracket mounting onto the slide, with provisions for mounting a flag onto the carriage. An optional sensor flag kit simplifies mounting a common optical sensor.
Intelligent Motion Systems
Marlborough, CT, USA

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