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Compact vision sensor is industrial; Dragonfly camera family expands; Megapixel camera series is versatile; Reader decodes everything; AND MORE…

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Compact vision sensor is industrial

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VisiCube camera measures 65 × 45 × 45 mm, weighs 170 g, and provides an image-processing solution for industrial environments. The camera comes with measuring lights and an integrated lens. It features a 400-MHz processor from Texas Instruments and a 1/4-in. CCD sensor that offers 640 × 480-pixel resolution and a 32-frame/s frame rate. The camera is equipped with 32 Mbytes DRAM and 4 Mbytes Flash EPROM for program and data storage. A robust aluminum and plastic housing provides IP65/67 protection.
Vision Components
Ettlingen, Germany

Dragonfly camera family expands

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Dragonfly2 DR2-13S2 board-level IEEE-1394a camera incorporates the Sony ICX445 1/3-in. progressive-scan CCD and can generate full-resolution 1280 × 960-pixel images at 20 frames/s, has improved sensitivity and near-IR performance, and minimizes smear. It also incorporates a smaller, streamlined CS-mount lens holder to minimize weight and cost and an Analog Devices 12-bit A/D converter for faster digitizing and better timing. The DR2-13S2 features on-camera color processing, auto iris lens support, asynchronous triggering, pixel binning and regions of interest, automatic synchronization of multiple cameras, in-field firmware upgrades, and on-board memory channels.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Megapixel camera series is versatile

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TM-4200 series of high-resolution progressive-scan cameras features 4-Mpixel resolution and software-selectable operation that allows users to choose between dual-tap mode at 15 frames/s (with automatic channel balancing) or single-tap mode at 8 frames/s. The cameras provide 12-bit linear images or 10-bit/8-bit images that are modifiable by a user-defined look-up table. The series includes both monochrome and Bayer CFA color models with a choice of Camera Link or GigE Vision digital interfaces. Other features include a 2X binning mode, a PIV mode, and a defective-pixel compensation feature that uses neighboring pixels to adjust for bad ones.
Glostrup, Denmark

Reader decodes everything

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DataMan 100 fixed-mount ID reader provides code reading in a small package. It uses IDQuick software, a decoding tool for ultrafast reading of well-formed codes. A model is also available for reading direct-part-mark codes. The reader is easy to set up with integrated illumination, beeper, adjustable optics, a built-in aimer, and a pushbutton trigger. DataMan 100 readers can identify items marked with 1- or 2-D codes in the automotive, packaging, electronics, medical-device, and pharmaceutical industries.
Natick, MA, USA

Camera is smart

Sentinel smart camera is available with a complete line of sensors, from VGA to megapixel, color or monochrome, and can be fitted with a linescan sensor for surface-inspection applications. The camera can be configured by the end user or integrator, or Edu-Key upgrades can configure the camera for many applications. Sentinel can operate stand-alone, or, when connected to a host computer running Windows XP or 2000, can display and archive images and reports. The camera connects to any computer via high-speed USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible).
Santa Rosa, CA, USA

OCR software compatible with Blackfin DSPs

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New version of EconoCR industrial OCR software is suitable for implementation on smart cameras, micro vision systems, and sensors powered by Blackfin DSPs. This version of EconoCR enables users to quickly create stand-alone industrial OCR systems powered by industrial-strength software that has been used in laboratory and production environments. Library-routine format also allows the software to be easily combined with 1-D barcode and 2-D matrix decoding software to produce more general-purpose video-camera-based automatic identification solutions. Typical applications include automatic recognition of characters and symbols that have been machine-marked on PCBs/substrates, glass lenses, and molds and containers.
The Value Engineering Alliance
Cambridge, MA, USA

Cameras deliver high-speed images

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Designed specifically for high-speed industrial imaging applications, compact Genie HM series integrates advanced sensor, camera, and board image-acquisition technologies. The Genie-HM640, HM1024, and HM1400 cameras capture image data at speeds up to 295 frames/s in VGA resolution or 60 frames/s at 1400 × 1024-pixel resolution. The Genie HM Series transmits data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances of up to 100 m. The cameras are certified GigE Vision compliant by the AIA.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

GigE Vision cameras are efficient

GP-series GigE Vision cameras incorporate Pleora GigE technology and software-development kit. Features include miniature size (34 x 34 x 68 mm) with four-way mounting; low noise (total camera S/N is 60 dB typical); superior dynamic range and image quality, dc, and video auto iris; and a temperature sensor that monitors internal temperature conditions. The cameras are field-upgradeable via Ethernet.
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Color camera has fast frame rate

SI-VGA60-EM camera is based on electron-multiplied CCD (EMCCD) technology and provides 640 × 480-pixel resolution for broad daylight to overcast starlight conditions. The camera is available with on-chip color filters to provide imagery at up to 60 full frames/s. Features include ultralow-light sensitivity with on-chip gain of 1X-1000X; 14-bit digitization; 500:1 antiblooming; interline frame transfer for on-chip electronic shuttering; and programmable operation (via serial port over Camera Link).
Salvador Imaging
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Low-cost power for PC/104

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PC/104 power supply, Model 209, has an input voltage range of 8 to 30 Vdc. Its three outputs of 5 Vdc at 5 amps and ±12 Vdc at ±0.5 amps supply power to PC/104 and PC/104+ buses. Power output connectors are available for external devices such as video cameras and fans. Input power is via a 3-pin removable terminal block or through a 2-mm circular power jack. The 209 uses planar magnetics and low ESR caps to achieve low noise and conversion efficiency of greater than 90%.
Portland, OR, USA

Camera speeds Web inspection

CSL8000CL, a 12K-pixel-resolution, high-speed linescan camera can digitally output 8-bit color and 8-bit/10-bit monochrome images simultaneously. Featuring a Camera Link interface for compatibility with standard cables and frame grabbers, the CSL8000CL accelerates high-speed and high-throughput applications, such as web inspection, without compromising noise immunity, linearity, or charge-transfer efficiency. Its pixel rate of 80 MHz yields line rates up to 37 Hz, with 4083 x 3-pixel-resolution RGB images and 8160-pixel resolution monochrome images. It is packaged in a rugged, industrial 74 x 74 x 138-mm housing and uses F-mount lenses.
Toshiba Teli America
Irvine, CA, USA

Video camera works fast

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Fastcam SA-1 camera features 5000 full-megapixel-resolution frames per second. Lightweight and compact, it is dc-operated with SDI and RS-170 video outputs. An optional particle-image-velocimetry facility is available to study the flow of gas in a wind-tunnel environment or to analyze flow in fluids. Other applications include missile and ballistics testing, R&D, vehicle-impact analysis, and biomedical imaging. The design offers two memory configurations: 8 Gbytes with 6 s at 1000 full frames/s and 16 Gbytes with 12 s at 1000 full frames/s. The imager has a maximum speed at reduced resolution of 150,000 frames/s.
Photron USA
San Diego, CA, USA

Camera Link camera has high-speed output

The 65 × 67 ×45-mm svs16000 is the first 16-Mpixel camera in the company’s line of digital cameras. The progressive-scan camera with a resolution of 4904 x 3380 pixels uses an interline-transfer CCD from Kodak with a diagonal of 43.3 mm. The ultrahigh-speed version has a frame rate up to 3 full images/s. In partial-scan mode, images with fewer lines can be read out at higher speed. The company’s camera-configuration software, ConvenientCam, allows adjusting of camera parameters such as gain, offset, or exposure time.
Seefeld, Germany

Dome LED lighting improves inspection

MG-Wave dome-type LED light sources are designed to evenly illuminate object surfaces by reflecting on the dome inbound light fibers arranged at 360° angles along the lower section of the dome. The LEDs improve inspection of curved metal surfaces, as well as printed surfaces such as the bottom of aluminium cans. Two sizes are available, each in four wavelengths: red, green, blue, and white. Operating across a narrow bandwidth makes it easy to acquire the contrast critical for image processing. MG-Wave constant current detection system reads the signal to control the rated current that is adjusted to the number of LEDs in every lighting module.
Cambridge, UK

LEDs are focusable

Focusable LED spot projectors are high-intensity LED spotlights designed to replace conventional halogen point sources, as well as fiberoptic illumination solutions. Compact and lightweight in design, these illuminators have been designed to provide a range of spot-diameter possibilities at various working distances. By adjusting the focusing knob located on the body of the module, the user can vary the distance between the LED source and the optics, thus changing the system’s focal distance and the projected spot diameter. They offer long lifetimes and low power consumption when compared to traditional light sources.
Montreal, QC, Canada

Ethernet cameras provide security

Two Ethernet CCD cameras address the security market: the Le259 and Le11059. The Le259 can transmit up to 15 HD-quality images at 1920 × 1080 pixels via the network, while the Le11059 offers resolution of 4008 × 2672. Both models include software and hardware interfaces for easy integration. The 35-mm CCD chip of the Le11059 achieves a resolution of 11 Mpixels at a rate up to 5 frames/s. Both models feature a day/night mode, configurable compression ratios, and auto white balance.
Munich, Germany

Cards give higher throughput/channel

Multifunction four-channel data-acquisition DAQ-2016 and PXI-2016 cards feature a maximum transfer rate of 800 kS/s/channel,16-bit resolution, and a variety of analog and digital trigger sources and modes for simultaneous multichannel sampling efficiency. The cards can synchronize multiple external devices using a system synchronization interface or a PXI trigger bus. The DAQ-2016 and PXI-2016 cards deliver two 12-bit, 1-MS/s analog output, 24-channel programmable DIO, and two 16-bit timers/counters that provide flexibility for multitasking situations. They come with a WDM driver for C/C++, VB, Delphi, C++ Builder, and .NET programming languages.
ADLINK Technology
Irvine, CA, USA

GigE camera is small and powerful

GE2040 ultrahigh-resolution Gigabit Ethernet camera incorporating Kodak’s KAI-4021 progressive-scan CCD sensor runs 15 frames/s at 2048 × 2048-pixel resolution. Both monochrome and color models are available with either C- or F-mount. The camera has an electronic shutter suitable for capturing high-speed motion events. Features include external trigger and sync, general-purpose I/O, region-of-interest readout, and direct RGB24 output. The camera housing measures approximately 4.5 × 6.5 cm.
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Lighting controller enhances GigE range

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PP520 LED lighting controller with Ethernet interface from Gardasoft Vision provides full control of LED lighting for machine-vision applications. The PP520 offers automatic operation with current-rated and voltage-rated lighting, providing plug-and-play operation using patented Safe-Sense technology. Control functions include power regulation, intensity control, and timing and triggering functions required for machine-vision systems. The controller can act as a miniature Web server with control by image-processing software operating on a PC.
Firstsight Vision
Tongham, UK

Lenses benefit megapixel cameras

Company’s 1-in. lenses are for applications where the ability to monitor and identify the smallest detail is application-critical. HC Megapixel Series lenses are compact and offer both focus and iris locks. Incorporating a floating mechanism system along with a 1-in. format, these lenses have low distortion, excellent corner brightness, and outstanding light transmission. There are seven lenses in the series with focal lengths from 8 to 75 mm. The 8-mm lens (LM8HC) has a minimum working distance of 100 mm.
Kowa Optimed
Torrance, CA, USA

Lens system zooms

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The Zoom 6000 lens series provides high-magnification, high-resolution images suitable for the most advanced image-processing vision systems. The parfocal optical system of the Zoom 6000 has a 6.5:1 zoom ratio and total optical zoom range of 0.09X to 393X (based on adapters and attachments used). The long working distance can be varied from 34 to 390 mm, and the achievable field of view can be varied from 0.01 to 125.68 mm. The Zoom 6000 can be used with C- or F-mount cameras and is available in manual, motorized, or detented versions for calibrated repeatability. Illumination options available include differential interference contrast, simple polarization, and fluorescence illumination techniques.
Rochester, NY, USA

Embedded system needs no moving parts

MC531EA 3.2-Mpixel system-on-a-chip imaging sensor features embedded imaging technology that eliminates the need for physical autofocus in camera phones. There are no motors or moving parts, enabling a camera module equipped with merely fixed lens optics to deliver sharp images from the foreground through the background. The MC531EA also features an on-board ARM7TDMI core that allows custom programmed algorithms for autofunction control.
DxO Labs
Boulogne, France

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