@ VISION 2022 with Chris Mc Loone, Day 2

Oct. 5, 2022
This year, the awards program received 61 entries from 18 countries.

Today, the 2022 VISION Award winner was named. This year, the awards program received 61 entries from 18 countries. The final five were brighter AI, Edge Impulse, Kitov.ai, Saccade Vision, and SWIR Vision Systems. This years winner is Kitov.ai for its CAD2SCAN, a CAD-based automated inspection planning tool. By combining CAD2SCAN with Kitov.ai’s smart visual inspection and Review Station, customers can automate inspection solutions that are too difficult and time-consuming to manually program and deploy. Read more about CAD2SCAN, click HERE.

@VISION 2022 with Chris Mc Loone, Day 1

@VISION 2022 with Chris Mc Loone

In a way, this week has provided a glimpse of the past year. At Automate in June, Zebra finalized its acquisition of Matrox Imaging. At VISION, the combination of the two companies was more visible—to the point that the booths are “connected” by a line on the floor, guiding the attendee from one booth to another. A common theme at last year’s show that has recurred this year is that of making deep learning/AI software easy to use. Although not as prevalent in conversations this year, there is still a push by developers to make it as easy as possible and with as little coding experience as possible for people to train these systems.

There are a number of companies introducing new SWIR cameras to their lineups that did not have them before and that are also extending the cameras’ range to 2100 nm. In the case of SWIR, we do not yet know the full scope of potential applications because new ones are being discovered every day.

In addition, I have visited a number of companies introducing UV imaging devices into their product lineups. Although it is not a new method of imaging, it is finding more use in the vision/imaging markets.

Vision/imaging systems, while a part of logistics and warehousing applications for some time, continue to increase in importance for these end uses.

With one day to go, the Vision Systems Design staff did find a little time to have some fun while at the show. Our time in Stuttgart is growing short, and we’re looking forward to one more day to see the newest innovations available to systems integrators.

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