AuthenTec and Microsoft collaborate on biometric authentication

April 30, 2003
APRIL 30--AuthenTec Inc. (Melbourne, FL; has entered into an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to develop native biometric authentication software support for Windows.

APRIL 30--AuthenTec Inc. (Melbourne, FL;, a developer of advanced biometric semiconductor technology, has entered into an agreement with Microsoft Corp., a leader in software, to develop native biometric authentication software support for Windows. Both companies will cooperate to develop a reference driver that will enable Windows users to authenticate to Windows systems using biometric devices.

Microsoft plans to build the reference fingerprint device driver based on AuthenTec's TruePrint-based fingerprint software technology. The architecture will support multiple biometric authentication vendors including AuthenTec's TruePrint-based fingerprint sensors. Microsoft will develop a common biometric device driver model and make this available through the use of a device driver kit. Application software and hardware developers will also benefit from a common set of biometric operating system interfaces. This technology initiative will ultimately provide users with biometric security and allow industry interoperability between various biometric hardware software application developers.

AuthenTec's patented TruePrint technology reads beyond the surface layer of the skin to the live layer where the true fingerprint resides. Unlike surface-based optical, thermal, and dc-capacitive technologies, TruePrint is not affected by common skin surface conditions such as dry, worn, callused, oily, or dirty skin, which can affect the sensor's ability to acquire accurate fingerprint images. AuthenTec also offers a highly reliable security architecture starting from the anti-spoofing capabilities of TruePrint technology and supported by template encryption and digital signatures throughout the matching process.

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