Adaptive Vision software supports BitFlow frame grabbers

Jan. 9, 2013
Neon Camera Link frame grabbers from BitFlow are now supported by Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 software, a development environment for machine-vision applications.

Neon Camera Link frame grabbers are now supported by Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 software, a development environment for machine-vision applications. Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 simplifies low-level programming in many industries and enables integrators to select hardware from several manufacturers. Neon frame grabbers range from power-over-Camera-Link (PoCL) boards that provide Base Camera Link acquisition on an OEM priced platform, to dual-camera boards on the same x4 PCIe platform, to models supporting acquisition from four cameras simultaneously.
Woburn, MA, USA

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BitFlow Neon Frame Grabbers Supported by Adaptive Vision
Studio 2.5 Software

WOBURN, MA -- BitFlow, Inc., a worldwide innovator in machine vision technology, is once again keeping its customers on the cutting edge by announcing today that its Neon family of CameraLink frame grabbers is now supported by Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 software, an easy to use development environment for creating machine vision applications.

"The combination of Neon frame grabbers with Adaptive Vision Studio results in a better user experience for machine vision engineers and researchers," said Donal Waide, Director of Sales for BitFlow. "We're pleased to add Adaptive to our growing list of software partners who support BitFlow frame grabbers and we're looking forward to working with their talented engineers to integrate the rest of our product line."

"Resolving technical issues with the technical team of BitFlow is a pleasure," noted Michal Czardybon, General Manager of Adaptive Vision. "Their support responses in a very short time and provides us detailed feedback, which we need to make our products fully compatible."

Adaptive Vision Studio 2.5 allows machine vision technicians to do their job faster and in a more convenient way due to its lack of low-level programming hassles. It solves real-life tasks in many different industries and provides integrators with the freedom to select from a variety of hardware from several manufacturers.

BitFlow Neon frame grabbers are recognized in the industry as the simplest, most reliable and highest performing solution for CameraLink applications. The Neon-CLB was the world's first PoCL frame grabber that provided Base Camera Link acquisition on an OEM priced platform. The Neon-CLD model was introduced to support two cameras on the same low cost x4 PCIe platform. The top-of-the-line Neon-CLQ supports capture from four cameras simultaneously, is incredibly flexible and powerful, yet can substantially lower system cost to compete with mainstream network cameras, while still providing the robust features expected in an industrial frame grabber.

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About BitFlow
BitFlow has been developing reliable, high-performance Frame Grabbers for use in imaging applications since 1993. BitFlow is the leader in Camera Link frame grabbers, building the fastest frame grabbers in the world, with the highest camera/frame grabber densities, triggering performance, and price. With thousands of boards installed throughout the world, into hundreds of imaging applications, BitFlow is dedicated to using this knowledge and experience to provide customers with the best possible image acquisition and application development solutions. BitFlow, located in Woburn, MA, has distributors and resellers located all over the world including Asia, Japan, and Europe.


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