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  • Volume 28, Issue 4

    Photo 265278249 © Wellphotos | Dreamstime.com
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    Machine Vision Inspection Applications Incorporate Deep Learning

    Oct. 30, 2023
    While deep learning is not right for every inspection application, it can help automate tasks that are difficult to achieve with rules-based machine vision methods.
    184169909 © Dashark | Dreamstime.com
    Figure 1: A generic imaging solution is difficult, if not impossible, to apply to all potential use cases.
    Factory Automation

    Machine Vision and Imaging Trends in Automation: A View from the Trenches for 2024

    Oct. 20, 2023
    The wise technologist in the trenches applies proven and reliable tools when addressing most applications in machine vision, such as automated inspection and vision guided robotics...
    Photo 91068180 © Nikola Fific | Dreamstime.com
    Figure 1: SWIR imaging is useful for inspecting food with high water content.

    SWIR Imaging Enables Many Types of Machine Vision Applications

    Oct. 18, 2023
    Using shortwave infrared imaging (SWIR), engineers develop applications for inspecting food, detecting moisture, identifying methane gas and more.
    Courtesy of Edmund Optics
    Vsd Figure 2 Edmund Optics
    Cameras and Accessories

    What Are Athermalized Machine Vision Lenses?

    Oct. 13, 2023
    Athermalized imaging lenses are rugged and withstand extreme changes in temperature, minimizing performance changes that likely would occur with standard off-the-shelf lenses....
    Onvision 63dd1196687a8
    Embedded Vision

    Advances in AI and 3D Vision Transform the Bin Picking Marketplace

    Oct. 4, 2023
    Advances in automation technologies, including 3D imaging and AI, have created new opportunities in robotic bin picking systems.

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    Photos/Fraunhofer Institute Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB
    The underwater mapping system being tested on a lake near Karlsruhe, Germany. The surface vessel moves autonomously, avoiding obstacles while mapping the bottom of the lake.
    Cameras and Accessories

    Researchers Develop 3D Model System for Underwater Mapping Applications

    Sept. 29, 2023
    Autonomous vessel, mapping system successfully tested.
    PonyWang | Royalty-free | Getty Images
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    How AI-Informed Imaging Can Accurately Detect Subtle Defects in Semiconductors

    Sept. 27, 2023
    Manufacturers looking at smaller semiconductors must must inspect at more points in the process without increasing the overall time for inspection.
    Courtesy of SICK
    Vsd Sick
    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Nestlé Automates Inspection of Plastic Scoops in Adult Nutrition Products

    Sept. 25, 2023
    Machine vision system uses neural networks and 2D camera to identify the presence of transparent scoops masked by container's reflective aluminum seal.
    Walaris has developed AI-assisted drone detection systems to help prevent smuggling contraband into prisons.
    Cameras and Accessories

    Drone Detection System uses AI to Fight Prison Contraband Smuggling

    Sept. 15, 2023
    System utilizes machine vision, AI tools to help detect, locate rogue drones.
    An NVision engineer prepares to conduct a 3D scan of 'The Freedman,' a statue created in 1863.
    Cameras and Accessories

    Artist Gives 19th Century Sculpture 21st Century Perspective With 3D Imaging

    Sept. 12, 2023
    3D non contact optical scanning system, intuitive software, create almost perfect reproduction of statue.