Page 2: Bloodhound supersonic car vision system tests ramping up

April 14, 2015

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In addition, further developments in the wing camera mounting and optics are also under way to minimize distortion and the viewing angles and mountings for the cameras that will be monitoring the wheel/ground interface have been designed, according to STEMMER.

Last year, small scale rocket plume imaging tests were carried out, which indicated that the UV range of the spectrum provides useful information in addition to traditional color imaging of the rocket output. A JAI CM-140 GE-UV camera and a JAI CB-140 GE-RA color camera have been selected to monitor the rocket on the Bloodhound car.

The CM140GE camera features a UV-sensitive 1/2" monochrome Sony ICX407BLA 1.4 MPixel CCD image sensor with a 4.65 µm pixel size and operates at 16 fps in full resolution. In addition, the camera features extended sensitivity to below 200 nm. The JAI CB-140 GE-RA camera features a 1.4 MPixel Bayer mosaic color progressive scan Sony ICX267 CCD with a 4.65 µm pixel size and operates at 31 fps in full resolution. The GigE Vision camera features external trigger modes, and higher frame rates are attainable by using partial scan or vertical binning modes.

The next stage of testing will be on the actual rocket to be used on the Bloodhound. The rocket plume will be recorded in Finland using a high-speed camera from Optronis, along with the JAI UV camera, in the near future.

"This really exciting project has thrown up numerous technical challenges, as was to be expected in an undertaking of this complexity," said Mark Williamson, Director, Corporate Market Development at STEMMER IMAGING. "We continue to work closely with the Bloodhound engineering team to address each issue as it arises, and we are delighted that we are keeping up to pace with the overall development program."

View more information on the Bloodhound Project.

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