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June 1, 2007
Short-working-distance lens improves systems; Video camera integrates easily; New release includes faster enhancements; Generators project uniform laser lines and MORE…

Short-working-distance lens improves systems

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Apo-Componon 90-mm CPN 4.5/90 lens has been designed for a magnification ratio from 0.2X to 0.4X. The focal length reduces required working distance, thus decreasing the space required for the camera-lens assembly. At f/4.5, the lens speed helps to increase image brightness and reduces system costs associated with illumination assemblies. The lenses are designed for 5-µm-pixel size cameras having up to a 62-mm sensor.
Schneider Optics
Hauppauge, NY, USA

Video camera integrates easily

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SU640KTSX-1.7RT camera offers high sensitivity in the 0.9- to 1.7-mm spectrum with 640 × 512-pixel format on a 25-mm pitch. The lightweight SWIR camera delivers clear, real-time video imaging in a variety of lighting conditions, from starlight to direct sunlight. Compact and easy to integrate, the indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) KTSX is available in a small OEM module for integration into larger systems. The all-solid-state imager features room-temperature operation with on-board automatic gain control, image enhancement, and built-in nonuniformity corrections.
SUI/Part of Goodrich Corp.
Princeton, NJ, USA

New release includes faster enhancements

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HALCON 8.0 provides more than 100 new operators and, for typical applications, the speed of the software library was enhanced by 25%, with single-operator speed increased up to 500%. The software’s integrated development environment for machine vision-HDevelop and HDevEngine-now provides assistants to simplify the generation of frequently used operator sequences. Other enhancements include third-generation matching for 3-D objects, shape-based matching in color images, and HALCON/.NET interface. 3-D matching finds objects in arbitrary 3-D poses based on a CAD model; only one image taken by a single camera is necessary.
MVTec Software
Munich, Germany

Generators project uniform laser lines

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Lasiris laser line generators can project from 3 to 99 parallel lines with a high degree of uniformity across the lines. Multiline patterns are compatible with all Lasiris lasers that emit from 375 to 1550 nm. The line lasers are focusable and offer a wide range of fan angles and interbeam angles. Micro multiline patterns are also available. Applications include machine vision, high-speed inspection, 3-D contour mapping, and biomedical.
Montreal, QC, Canada

Filters are flexible

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Custom, variable, metallic neutral-density filters and geometric beamsplitters with variable beamsplitting ratio have transmission and reflection defined by a computer-generated geometrical beamsplitter. Software and photolithographic fabrication allow flexibility in achieving linear and nonlinear patterns in different sizes for prototype and serial quantities. A variety of substrate materials such as fused silica are available. The optical density ranges from nearly zero to four or five, depending on customer specifications.
POG Präzisionsoptik Gera
Gera, Germany

Laser sensor measures pavement

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RoLine laser line sensor measures or profiles pavement topography in 3-D, regardless of geometry. The sensor is not affected by road-surface characteristics, measurement speed, sunlight, temperature, or vibration. A 100-mm line of data across a road surface (similar to a tire width) allows more of the road to be seen. Performance on pavement types including transverse, longitudinally tined, grooved, and diamond ground concrete has been field tested at the good-to-excellent range. The sensor maintains quality on the fly when transitioning from concrete to asphalt.
LMI Technologies
Delta, BC, Canada

Camera platform is flexible

Remote-Eye custom camera platform can be coupled with any CCD or CMOS area or linescan image sensor. The platform has a Linux CPU along with 10/100 Ethernet, on-board JPEG compression, NTSC composite, and S-Video. In addition, there is an on-board FPGA (up to 4M gates) and the company’s image pipeline. Applications include security & surveillance, traffic enforcement, machine vision, automated assembly, metrology, and industrial barcodes.
Imaging Solutions Group
Rochester, NY, USA

Frame grabber is multichannel

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USB frame grabber, Model 2255, is a multichannel, low-latency, USB video-capture device. With a total capture rate of 60 frames/s, the 2255 allows simultaneous video capture of up to four composite NTSC or PAL video sources at 15 frames/s or two channels at a full 30 frames/s. Output formats supported by the 2255 include RGB packed (24 bits/pixel, bitmap compatible), YCrCb packed (16 bits/pixel, YUY2 compatible), YCrCb planar (16 bits/pixel, optimal for image processing), and Y8 (8 bits/pixel, monochrome).
Portland, OR, USA

Modules have 16-bit resolution

Analog expansion I/O modules are for the MicroSmart and MicroSmart Pentra PLCs. They have fast conversion times and 16-bit resolution. An eight-channel 0-10-Vdc/4-20-mA input module, as well as a two-channel -10 to +10 Vdc/4-20-mA output module, are available. The modules easily snap on to the right side of MicroSmart CPU modules without extra cables or complex wiring. WindLDR software provides intuitive ladder programming, online editing, and simulation mode.
Osaka, Japan

Optics reduce noise

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Edge-blackened TECHSPEC imaging lenses are designed to increase contrast and reduce noise in imaging and electro-optical systems. The blackened edges prevent light from exiting a mounted optic, reflecting off the metal fixturing, and being re-imaged through the optical assembly.
Edmund Optics
Barrington, NJ, USA

Dual-mode system includes software

GigaView high-speed camera system can now stream high-resolution digital video to hard disk for more than eight hours through its Gigabit Ethernet interface. Conventional mode records 1280 × 1024-pixel images at 530 frames/s to onboard memory for up to 30 s. Continuous mode records 640 × 480-pixel images at 250 frames/s for up to eight hours to record momentary disruptions, external interference, or equipment failures over long periods of time. Software included with each GigaView system allows for quick setup, record, and playback of burst and continuous video.
Southern Vision Systems
Madison, AL, USA

Positioning slides offer flexibility

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MS46 Series positioning slides are available in virtually any desired length, allowing users to design their machine to fulfill the application. The slides are constructed of lightweight yet durable aluminum. They offer strokes to 1634 mm with a load capacity to 330N and are suited for handling light to medium loads in factory automation, life science, packaging, and semiconductor applications. Thomson MS46 positioning slides are available in preloaded ballscrew, lead-screw, and belt-drive methods of linear actuation.
Danaher Motion
Wood Dale, IL, USA

UV and IR sources light vision

Company offers a range of UV and IR LED illumination sources from CCS. The IR range is available in 32 models, including high-density ringlights, power-saving backlights, and high-intensity LED arrays. A choice of two different peak wavelengths of 850 and 940 nm can be selected according to the object to be inspected. The LED directional characteristic can be selected between 15˚ for direct light types and 30˚ for plane emission types as standard models. The UV LEDs are available in 31 different models and have a peak wavelength of 365 nm and a light spread of 20˚.
Firstsight Vision
Tongham, UK

FireWire cable extends distance

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DataCELL MVC-800 extended-distance FireWire cable is for machine vision, variable-frequency drive control, and other longer-cable-run applications in rugged industrial environments. The MVC-800 cable is engineered within the FireWire performance specification up to 10 m end-to-end. It is UL-recognized and CSA-approved AWM-style cable with two 24-AWG data pairs-insulated with foamed polyethylene-and a 22-AWG PVC-insulated power pair, 100% coverage foil/polyester shielding with two drain wires, and an overall tinned copper braid for optimal shielding.
Osceola, WI, USA

CMOS cameras have global shutter

Camera models MV-D1024E-80-CL-12 and MV-D1024E-160-CL-12 feature 12-bit gray scale, flat-field correction, up to 150 frames/s at full resolution, and readout during integration. They are for demanding applications in industrial image processing. With a global shutter, even high-speed applications with microsecond exposure times are possible. The cameras are available with Camera Link interface.
Lachen, Switzerland

Camera is for fast machine vision

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Using a rolling-shutter CMOS sensor, the 4-Mpixel Adimec-4150m operates at up to 140 full-resolution frames per second in continuous readout mode. Programmable regions of interest, NIR sensitivity, and full asynchronous capture provide flexible imaging. It generates high quality, blemish-free images. With a resolution of 2352 x 1728 and 7-µm pixels, the Adimec-4150m offers a high pixel count and exceptional image quality allowing the detection of the smallest possible defects.
Adimec Electronic Imaging
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Sensors analyze color spectrum

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PresencePLUS color vision sensors detect infinite color variations. They are available as the two-piece PresencePLUS Pro Color with separate DIN-mountable controller and the one-piece PresencePLUS P4 Color Omni. The Pro Color and P4 Color Omni inspect for the specific color taught with the Color Match tool. All models also include a suite of gray-scale tools including locate, pattern find and count, geometric find and count, edge, object, blob, and average gray scale. They have a 752 × 480-pixel-resolution color CMOS imager and feature PresencePLUS universal software.
Banner Engineering
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Camera speeds inspections

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XCL-5000 model 5-Mpixel black-and-white digital machine-vision camera incorporates a 2/3-in. progressive-scan CCD sensor with square pixels. It can capture high-resolution video at 15 frames/s and supports up to 12-bit processing with a C-mount lens. Connectivity is made easier through the use of a standard Camera Link MDR 26-pin connector. The unit measures 44 × 44 × 57.5 mm.
Sony Electronics
Park Ridge, NJ, USA

Camera streams video

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Li045 camera features ObjectVideo analytics. Equipped with Texas Instruments DaVinci technology-based processors, the Li045 makes use of a Pixim Orca chipset-an ultrawide-dynamic-range sensor that overcomes washed-out images in challenging lighting environments. Additionally, the Li045 has selectable MJPEG and H.264 compression to address the need for lower bandwidth to stream video data. Streaming full 720 × 480-pixel resolution at up to 30 frames/s, the camera performs across a standard 10/100BaseT network interface. It is available in both color or monochrome and is offered with optional environmental enclosures.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Optics are customized

Company offers customized optics that include 100°/130° ultrawide-angle optics, telecentric optics, and LED illumination spots. The ultrawide-angle lenses offer minimal distortion and are for imaging large areas, overcoming the distortion at image edges and low resolution at image corners found with other lenses. The TZ31-1.4x-77/B telecentric optics are macro optics with slight distortion, high resolution, and minimal vignetting for sensors up to 43 mm. The LED illumination spots are designed for lighting small object areas. A variety of filters can be used for the spots, and an adapter on light pipe is available.
IB/E Ing.-Buero
Hutthurm, Germany

CCD camera has external trigger

TCN-1304-U camera is a B/W board-level camera, based on a single-line, 3648-pixel CCD chip with USB 2.0 interface. It is a compact, board-level linescan camera for OEM applications in industry process control, optical spectroscopy, and biomedical imaging. There is no need to install a DAC card or use an external power supply.
Mightex Systems
Toronto, ON, Canada

Device extends access

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EVS (enhanced visualization solution) line of products harness fiberoptic technology to extend DVI or RGB video (over a single multimode fiber) and a variety of desktop peripheral devices from one source to multiple destinations (up to 1000 m). The EVS is a part of the company’s collaborative solution, along with the DCS (Digital Cross-Point Matrix Switch), for maximum access and control in high-performance video and KVM computing environments. The EVS has integrated four-port USB HID (low speed), USB 1.1 (full speed), and/or USB 2.0 (high speed) hub extender, FireWire 800 option, and single-fiber video technology.
Milford, CT, USA

IR cameras offer flexibility

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Titanium high-performance IR camera systems combine compactness and a removable lens interface that gives complete flexibility in the optical path. The systems are available with InSb, MCT, or QWIP focal-plane-array detectors that achieve sensitivity of less than 18 mK at frame rates in both the MWIR and LWIR domains. Titanium IR systems are programmable from 1 to 380 Hz in full-frame mode, offer a subarray windowing mode with integration time adjustable in 1-µs increments, and have external triggering capability synchronizing image capture. Using CAMLINK, USB 2.0, or GigE interfaces, Titanium cameras can transmit commands and transfer video images at 40-MHz pixel rate and full 14-bit dynamic range.
Cedip Infrared Systems
Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Cameras have S-mount connection

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Compact color USB cameras, the uEye LE series, have 3-Mpixel resolution. Available as board-level models with S-mount lens connection, the 1466LE-C and 1467LE-C versions are 36 × 36 × 20 mm and weigh 12 g. The USB 2.0 port is on the side of the camera to allow integration with minimum space and depth requirements. The cameras feature a CMOS sensor with rolling shutter and an IR filter. The 1466LE version has an S-mount connector with an M12 thread, the 1467LE model comes with an M14 adapter.
IDS Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm, Germany

Company expands sensor line

In-Sight 5600 vision-sensor product line includes 640 × 480-pixel resolution and 2-Mpixel models that deliver reliable performance in high-speed applications. All In-Sight vision sensors have an IP67 (NEMA 4) rating to withstand dust and wash down without an accessory enclosure. They include a library of advanced vision software for inspection, identification, measurement, and alignment tasks.
Natick, MA, USA

Dual-band IR detector

Janus is a staring snapshot 320 × 256 short-wavelength and mid-wavelength infrared focal plane assembly. It operates in bands I (1-3 µm) and II (3-5 µm). The dual-band IR detector comes in various long-vacuum-life Dewar and cooler configurations to meet different mechanical and cooling system needs.
Veurey-Voroize, France

HMI products are versatile

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Barracuda ultrarugged product family is designed for harsh environments. The workstation model is available with a touch screen; stand-alone display model will be available at end of 2007. The Barracuda has a sunlight-readable 15-in. display, is operational in a 0˚C to 50˚C environment, and offers a -30˚C option for use at low temperatures. Barracuda DS provides a full military-hardened Mil-Std 810F and Protection Classification IP65-compliant daylight-readable touch-screen display. Barracuda WS provides an Intel Pentium M processor workstation that has a removable hard drive or Compact Flash storage device.
San Diego, CA, USA

Camera has starter kit

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mvBlueLYNX Starterkit comprises a mvBlueLYNX smart camera, as well as accessories such as the lens, tripod, power supply, and interface box. The camera features a 400-MHz PowerPC processor and 64-Mbyte system that contains an embedded Linux OS. The interface box features clamped connections for all digital inputs and outputs, as well as LEDs. The mvIMPACT Base library is included free of charge.
Matrix Vision
Oppenweiler, Germany

Camera has GigE Vision interface

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Digital 3CCD industrial progressive-scan RGB color camera (CV-M9 GE) features GigE Vision interface. Based on 3CCD prism technology, the CV-M9 GE provides full XGA (1024 × 768-pixel) resolution for each of the red, green, and blue color bands. The camera features both manual and automatic white balance adjustment. Alternatively the white balance can be adjusted by individual shutter settings in the red, green, and blue channels, while maintaining a consistent and high signal-to-noise ratio in each channel.
Glostrup, Denmark

Camera is for harsh environments

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Ruler E 3D camera is a fast camera that provides real-world calibrated data for 3-D vision inspections. It has a built-in laser and optics for a predefined field of view, making it easy to install. The integration of the lighting and the camera into a robust IP 65 housing makes the Ruler E a solution for more aggressive environments. The Ruler also incorporates MultiScan technology, enabling the camera to perform multiple types of inspections simultaneously. It acquires up to 10,000 profiles per second, each containing up to 1536 height measurements per profile.
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Controller is upgraded

PriorPCI2 high-speed stepper-motor controller features a 17 × 106-mm design, standard six-axis control for x-y, shutter control for three shutters, and 16-bit analog output for piezo control. Other upgrades include four TTL I/O for complete TTL macro control of all axes and an updated DLL that includes control for the Lumen 200Pro illumination system. The PriorPCI2 features microstepping resolution down to 0.01 µm for x-y and 0.002 µm for focus and a SDK including several Active X components to simplify programming. The PriorPCI2 card is fully CE and RoHS compliant.
Prior Scientific
Rockland, MA, USA

Industrial assembly is tough

Industrial solution for applications that require more than standard CAT 5 cables can offer, RoHS-compliant cable assembly is constructed with a double-shielded, high-flex cable designed to surpass 2 million flex cycles. The cable also features a durable thermal plastic elastomer jacket that enables it to withstand harsh environments such as oil, water, and sunlight while transmitting high-quality video images. Thumbscrews guarantee a firm, constant connection through motion and vibration.
Intercon 1, div. Nortech Systems
Baxter, MN, USA

Vision system is compact

VISTA-P4 machine-vision system can be supplied with half-length, PCI, or PCI Express frame grabber. Alternatively, onboard USB, IEEE 1394, or GigE Vision interfaces deploy cameras without additional hardware. Features include operation with popular frame grabbers and on single 12-Vdc supply voltage. It comes in a 7.48 × 7.68 × 3.27-in. industrial enclosure.
Meridianville, AL, USA

Camera system uses two imaging systems

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Simultaneous framing and streak system incorporates two high-performance imaging systems, the SIM-8 ultrafast framing camera and the SC Optoscope streak camera. Incorporating a supplementary optical port that uses a beamsplitter to deliver 50% of the primary image to an image plane, the SIM-8 framing camera allows secondary instruments such as streak cameras or time-resolved spectrometers to share the same optical axis as the framing channels. Benefiting from the SIM-8 f/2.8 imaging beamsplitting optics, the simultaneous framing and streak imaging system can deliver a distortion-free image to eight output ports. It can give streak speeds from 330 ps/mm to 5 ms/mm.
Specialised Imaging
Tring, UK

Camera produces high-definition images

Compact 3CCD camera is both 1080i and 720P selectable, with 3 1/3-in.-type 16 × 9 high-sensitivity, progressive high-definition sensors running at 60 frames/s. A newly developed DSP offers accuracy with 14-bit A/D conversion and 19-bit inner processing. A 12-axis matrix control provides color accuracy, with independent color control. Also, an initial native progressive scan improves vertical resolution for high-definition and standard-definition video output image quality. An on-screen menu is easy to navigate and set up.
Secaucus, NJ, USA

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