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Manheim and Fyusion Deploying Imaging Inside the Auction Gates, Paving the Way to AI-Enhanced Condition Reports

March 8, 2022
One year after Cox Automotive acquired Fyusion, the brands are deploying advanced mobile and fixed imaging, benefitting clients across Manheim locations as they journey toward...
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Advanced Digital Vehicle Inspection for Car Dealerships

March 8, 2022
The AI-enabled app gives car dealers the ability to remotely inspect and assess consumer trade-ins, vehicles at auction, and other inventory.
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Automated Vision Solution Allows Safe Health Screening

Jan. 12, 2022
The system provides a safe way to screen employees and visitors to limit COVID-19 infections at hospitals and senior residences.
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Vision Solution for Drone Collision Avoidance

Dec. 1, 2021
Merging HHLA Sky’s drone control center software with Iris Automation’s ground-based aircraft detection technology Casia G, opens up a new spectrum of use cases.
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Embedded System on Module (SoM) Supports AI Accelerator Modules

Nov. 30, 2021
The MicroSys Electronics embedded SoM platform miriac AIP-S32G274A, which is based on NXP S32G vehicle network processors, supports Hailo-8 artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator...
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Contactless temperature screening stations deployed in Chinese and Korean universities

Sept. 11, 2020
Testing initiatives will measure the efficacy of two automatic temperature scanning kiosks.
Pyxis Lwir Camera
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New imaging polarimeter deployed by U.S. Army improves target detection through camouflage

March 12, 2020
While the new sensor is being deployed by the U.S. military to enhance its ability to detect camouflaged targets, early development of the Pyxis sensor focused on the detection...
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Under-vehicle surveillance systems identify potential threats beneath the automobile

May 17, 2019
Comm Port Technologies’ CPAS under-vehicle surveillance and inspection system uses area scan machine vision cameras along with a monitor, industrial PC, license plate reader camera...
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Raptor Photonics releases new EMCCD camera

May 1, 2019
The Hawk 252 cooled EMCCD camera released by Raptor Photonics features a back-illuminated sensor that enables imaging at