L-3 Communications receives large contracts

Jan. 9, 2003
JANUARY 9-The Security and Detection Systems division of L-3 Communications (New York, NY; www.L-3Com.com) has received large contracts from Austria's major airports and from Singapore's Changi Airport.

JANUARY 9-The Security and Detection Systems division of L-3 Communications (New York, NY;www.L-3Com.com) has received individual contracts totaling approximately $8 million from Austria's major airports to supply them with VIS 108 and VDS 108 in-line, automated Level 1 hold baggage-screening systems, for the inspection of check-in luggage for 100% hold baggage screening. The project was awarded to L-3's local Austrian distributor, Ysselbach Envimet Analytical Systems GmbH. Deliveries will continue through the third quarter of 2003 and include installation, training, and maintenance for all systems through the contract term.

The VIS 108 and VDS 108 automated hold baggage-screening systems, equipped with L-3's advanced Scatter Detection Enhancement, Threat Image Projection, and Ethernet and MIS networking capabilities, automatically screen checks baggage for explosives and sort suspicious baggage to Level 2 and Level 3 screening. The automated units are easily integrated into the existing baggage transport systems and screen a throughput of up to 1800 bags per hour, ensuring quick but reliable explosive screening. Among Austria's major international airports receiving L-3 detection systems are: Vienna International Airport, Salzburg Airport, Innsbruck Airport, Graz Airport, Linz Airport and Klagenfurt Airport.

The company also has been awarded a contract with Singapore's Changi Airport that has a potential value of $45 million and includes delivery, installation, integration, training, and maintenance requirements, as well as contract options for additional systems and an overall maintenance contract for all baggage screening systems. The contract, which is the largest international baggage screening contract to date, specifies delivery of products from L-3's complete line of automated, hold baggage screening systems for the inspection of check-in luggage, including VIS 108 and MVT integrated, Level 1 systems as well as certified, computed tomography eXaminer 3DX 6000 systems for Level 3 resolution. The agreement is the first of its kind to look to one provider for all certified systems. The vast majority of deliveries will begin early in 2003 and continue throughout the year.

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