FLIR Systems to launch dual-sensor airborne imager for law enforcement

Aug. 6, 2001
AUGUST 6--FLIR Systems Inc. (Portland, OR; will introduce its new Ultra 7500 airborne imager at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association trade show (San Antonio, TX, Aug. 9--11).

AUGUST 6--FLIR Systems Inc. (Portland, OR; will introduce its new Ultra 7500 airborne imager at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association trade show (San Antonio, TX, Aug. 9--11). The Ultra 7500 meets the multirole mission requirements of today's law-enforcement organization. The lightweight, dual-sensing gimbal with laser-illuminator option is designed to provide 24 hour/day, higher-altitude, long-range search and surveillance from rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Police aviation units can efficiently cover large patrol sectors and team with ground units to speed response time.

Building on the success of the Ultra 7000 in the airborne law-enforcement community, the Ultra 7500 adds capabilities and features without adding additional weight, size, or complexity to aircraft. Its new, industry-unique IR autofocus system and proven IR zoom lens simplify rapid searching or tracking of vehicles or people. The dual-sensor payload now features a 320 x 240-pixel InSb focal-plane-array IR imager with a wider field of regard, while the TV camera, which also features autofocus, adds an operator-controllable low-light setting that extends TV imaging into dusk and dawn conditions. The Class-III-b long-range laser-illuminator option provides better air-to-ground unit coordination and extends the range of night-vision goggles.

Said Andrew C. Teich, senior vice president of sales and marketing, "Specifically designed for airborne law enforcement, the Ultra 7500 provides new features and enhancements that save officers valuable time and energy, translating into improved safety for ground personnel and overall mission success.''

The Ultra 7500 is 9 in. in diameter and weighs approximately 26 lb. The fully sealed gimbal is designed to minimize drag and provide more ground clearance. The system's compact size translates into saved fuel for longer flight times and increases an aircraft's useful load. Advanced stabilization produces virtually jitter-free images.

When coupled with its 4X electronic zoom, the new low-light TV camera with 18X optical zoom delivers an effective magnification of 72X, further extending the imaging range during daylight hours. The IR continuous zoom allows the operator to customize the field of view (FOV) as the tactical situation requires. The operator can zoom in or out without losing sight of the target. Fixed FOV systems force the operator to lose sight of the target each time the magnification is changed. The Ultra 7500's IR and TV autofocus feature ensures that the displayed image is always clear and uninterrupted.

The redesigned on-screen graphics use easily recognizable icons that increase the operator's situational awareness and promote better and more rapid in-flight decision-making. The operator can customize the display through four distinct palette settings, and declutter the view or survey all operational functions, including GPS and radar positions.

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