FLIR Systems delivers Star SAFIRE III sensors

APRIL 22, 2008--FLIR Systems (Portland, OR, USA) has delivered the first three Star SAFIRE III stabilized multisensor systems to be used on the US Coast Guard HC-144A aircraft.

APRIL 22, 2008--FLIR Systems (Portland, OR, USA; has delivered the first three Star SAFIRE III stabilized multisensor systems to be used on the US Coast Guard HC-144A "Ocean Sentry" aircraft. The HC-144A is a multirole, medium-range transport and surveillance aircraft. The aircraft can perform multiple missions such as delivering search and rescue equipment far offshore, acting as an on-scene commander, evacuating disaster victims, detecting illegal activity, and transporting cargo on quick-loading pallets.

In addition, FLIR announced that it has received two contract awards for a total of $18.4 million for its Star SAFIRE systems to be used on H-60 Black Hawk helicopters. One of the orders represents a follow-on contract in support of the United Arab Emirates GHQ, while the other order is in support of the US.Army Black Hawk operations.

FLIR has a diversified installed base of Star SAFIRE systems--including SSI, SSII, SSIII, & HD versions--in northeast and southeast Asia and Australia and New Zealand. The company reports it has an installed base of more than 210 systems in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea, plus others spread around the Southeast Asian region. Operators in Malaysia, Australia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea are currently using the SAFIRE III systems for homeland security, antipiracy, economic zone enforcement, and counterimmigration and counterterrorism.

The Star SAFIRE family of imagers continues to be a widely adopted, multisensor airborne system in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. Worldwide, FLIR Systems has delivered, or has on order, more than 2200 of its Star SAFIRE family of systems, 170 of which are the HD version.

A division of FLIR Systems, FLIR Government Systems is a leader in the design, qualification, and manufacture of thermal-imaging and stabilized EO/IR systems for a variety of airborne, maritime, land-based, and man-portable applications including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, combat search and rescue, border control and drug interdiction, navigation safety, maritime patrol, force protection and facility security, forward observation, training, targeting and fire control, and laser weapons designation.

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