EMVA and Chinese engineering society establish cooperative agreement

APRIL 3, 2009--EMVA signs a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) to address information exchange, conference and event support, standardization, and market research.

APRIL 3, 2009--During the MV China trade exhibition in Shanghai, the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES; www.cmes.org) and the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA; www.emva.org) signed an agreement on March 24, 2009, in order to establish and to expand future cooperation between the two industry organizations.

The cooperation will address most areas of association work and includes public relations, regular exchange of information, mutual support in organizing conferences and industry delegations, and standardization, as well as market analysis and statistics. In this context, EMVA will assist in producing an annual machine vision survey for China with a view to global harmonization of machine-vision statistics. Furthermore, EMVA has reinforced its partnership with the MV China exhibition, which includes an information booth. At MV China 2009, the EMVA organized a successful industry delegation to the exhibition for the first time.

The agreement emphasizes the economic importance of the Chinese market for the machine-vision industry. Machine vision has become a key technology for the Chinese manufacturing sector, which is also reflected by the fact that the CMES has recently launched a Machine Vision Group. (For related information, see Vision Systems Design, "Packaging China", by Chen Nan Yang.)

During the ceremonial signing, EMVA president Gabriele Jansen commented, "The Chinese market for machine-vision products and equipment gains more and more importance for a lot of EMVA member companies. I am very happy that in CMES we found a cooperation partner that represents machine-vision companies, research institutes, and end users of the technology as well. The increase and the new quality of our information exchange and mutual support will benefit the members of both our associations significantly."

Zhang Yanmin, general secretary of CMES, said, "There is a great potential for machine vision in industry. CMES has built a close relationship with EMVA. Both parties will benefit from this. And I do hope that we can explore the Chinese market together by means of exchanging information and recommending advanced technologies from Europe and other parts of the world to China for companies."

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