Haneda Airport rolls out Obzerv range-gated cameras

Haneda Airport has chosen Obzerv’s ARGC-750 cameras to perform the coastal surveillance around its new runway.

Haneda Airport has chosen Obzerv’s (Quebec City, QC, Canada) cameras to perform the coastal surveillance around its new runway. Several ARGC-750 cameras will be deployed to monitor strategic long-range airport locations. Obzerv specializes in the design and manufacture of range-gated imaging systems for night vision and long-range surveillance.

The active range-gated camera was selected due to its ability to assess potential threats within a 5-km range. Its addition to the radar system will allow the airport security team to rapidly identify targets, reducing the threat assessment process and response time. The ARGC-750 camera meets the challenging requirements of Haneda Aairport, for example, with its capability to positively identify a jet ski at 3 km from shore under harsh weather conditions. Range-gated cameras feature a synchronized, high-efficiency laser source and electronic shutter that results in image contrast unable to be attained with conventional imaging systems, according to Obzerv.

Obzerv says its range-gated cameras allow operators to take measurements in real time, such as distance of the target, height, length, and floating line of the ship—an an important feature for airports close to waterways. The cameras will also be used as a Vessel Height Measuring System (VHMS) to detect and measure the height of passing vessels close to the harbor to alert low-flying aircraft approaching/departing the airport of their presence.

“The ARGC-750 camera has become an essential tool for long-range detailed identification in strategic coastal surveillance infrastructure to prevent piracy, intrusion, international smuggling, and terrorism,” says Alain Laflamme, vice president, sales and marketing at Obzerv Technologies.

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