IRnova launches QWIP-based DDCA modules

Aug. 23, 2010
IRnova has launched a series of Detector Dewar Cooler Assembly (DDCA) modules with split as well as integral cooler solutions based on its quantum well infrared photodetector (QWIP) technology.


IRnova has, based on its well-known QWIP technology, earlier launched a series of DDCA modules with split as well as integral cooler solutions. These DDCAs are targeting usage for both harsh environment military as well as industrial infrared imaging applications. The DDCAs are integrated into infrared cameras and systems by IRnova customers all over the world.

Two new integral cooler DDCAs, 320x256 and 640x480, are now ready for shipment to customers. Both these DDCAs are equipped with rotary integral coolers and can be provided with proxy electronics. The DDCAs are very compact, power efficient and have low weight.

The standard peak spectral response is 8.6 .m, but can be tailored to meet specific customer needs and application requirements. The detector electronics can also be customized and designed for specific applications if requested.

“With these two new DDCA-solutions we have a full line-up DDCAs and can offer both split and integral cooler solutions based on all our QWIP-detectors, targeting a broader range of applications”, says Bernhard Hirschauer, CEO of IRnova.

The products are already qualified and ready for shipment in volume with short lead time.

About IRnova
IRnova is specialized in providing advanced IR products, with focus on QWIP technology, to manufacturers of infrared modules, cameras and systems on the global market.

Lars Karlsson, VP Sales & Marketing
Tel: +46 8 793 66 23, email: [email protected]

Product information
IRnova640 integral cooler DDCA
The IRnova640 (640x480) LWIR DDCA has an integral rotary Stirling cooler and IRnova’s own low-power readout (Argus 640) making it a very power efficient “full-TV size” QWIP detector. The product suits well for industrial applications as well as military use.

IRnova320-ER integral cooler DDCA
Based on IRnova320-ER (320x256) LWIR QWIP FPA, this DDCA provides a compact and light weight (700 g) solution with its integral rotary cooler solution suitable for applications with a need for small form factor, such as handheld and mobile surveillance systems.

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