Geospatial Systems delivers imaging systems for mapping to Merrick

Sept. 24, 2010
Geospatial Systems Inc. (announced the delivery and deployment of multiple TerraPix Imaging Systems to Merrick & Company for its new Helicopter-Acquired Data Products and Services platform.

Geospatial Systems Inc. (GSI; Rochester, NY, USA) announced the delivery and deployment of multiple TerraPix Imaging Systems to Merrick & Company (Aurora, CO, USA) for its new Helicopter-Acquired Data Products and Services platform. The systems include KCM-16 and KCM-MS camera modules, which are co-mounted alongside an Optech Orion C200 light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor in a Eurocopter AStar 350 BA helicopter. The KCM-16s provide high resolution oblique imagery in forward and aft orientations; and the KCM-MS enables the production of high fidelity CIR imagery.

Matt Bethel, Manager of Systems Engineering at Merrick & Company said, “We are very satisfied with the purchase of our three TerraPix Imaging System sensors from Geospatial Systems Inc. We chose these camera systems because of GSI’s proven ability to integrate multiple airborne sensors together and store accurate GPS/IMU time-tagged information for each image. The GSI hardware, sensor performance, and data quality has yielded a superior system for our helicopter mapping needs.”

Max Elbaz, CEO of GSI said, "We are very pleased that a leading company in the surveying and mapping industry such as Merrick & Company has chosen our TerraPix Imaging Systems for their latest airborne platform. Their selection demonstrates the flexibility and benefits of the TerraPix platform which allows GSI to customize specific imaging configurations to address varied market needs”.

Geospatial Systems designs and produces electro-Optical, infrared, and radar sensor products and solutions for the commercial, security and defense markets. TerraPix is a common platform for custom solutions tailored to the Airborne Survey & Mapping, Asset Management, and Tactical Intelligence Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) markets; and includes a range of metric, multi-spectral and thermal IR sensors, and DGX control systems.

Merrick & Company, an $100 million geospatial, engineering, architecture, design-build, and surveying firm, serves domestic and international clients by providing geospatial technologies, products, and services for the infrastructure, energy, and security markets. The firm’s most recent work includes providing remote sensing services and data management for Xcel Energy, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Mobile District), ISA (South America), and the Colombian, South America, Navy. Merrick maintains eight offices in the U.S. as well as two offices in Mexico and an office in Canada.

SOURCE: Geospatial Imaging Inc.

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