Korean tunnel license plate recognition program requires low-light cameras

June 7, 2010
A vision system is using high-resolution megapixel surveillance cameras to capture the license numbers of cars that break the tunnel's traffic lights.
Recognizing the license plate numbers of cars traveling at high speeds through a dimly lit tunnel is a highly challenging surveillance application. To meet this challenge in Korea, a system was designed by local distributor, ViewRun, a company experienced in machine vision and surveillance, and installed by their integrator, Korea Image Systems. High resolution megapixel surveillance cameras from Arecont Vision were installed to capture the license numbers of cars that break the tunnel's traffic lights. The Korean tunnel application uses Arecont Vision's dual-sensor AV3130 3/1.3 megapixel, full motion progressive scan IP cameras providing up to 15 frames per second in color, or day mode and 30 frames per second in black-and-white or night mode. Each camera contains a massively-parallel MegaVideo image processor chip that is capable of sustaining more than 6 billion operations per second, providing outstanding resolution and performance. ViewRun selected Arecont Vision cameras because of their low-light performance and the full motion progressive scan capabilities, facilitating a seamless installation and implementation process. The tunnel system also uses Arecont Vision's AV100 network video recorder software and the LuxRiot NVR video management software provided by A&H Software House, an Arecont Vision technology partner. The system sends video images along a100 base T Internet connection. “License plate recognition is one of the more challenging applications for video surveillance,” said Becky Zhou, Arecont Vision Director of Sales, Asia Pacific. “The benefits of the improved image quality, low-light sensitivity, and high frame rates made possible with Arecont Vision megapixel cameras, combined with our low price points, make the technology more readily available to a large range of new customers.” Posted by Vision Systems Design

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