Digital Hawk EMCCD cameras from Raptor integrate for surveillance

Raptor Photonics announces the release of a new generation of digital EMCCD camera: HK247-CL and HK246-CL.

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Raptor Photonics (Larne, Ireland) announces the release of a new generation of digital EMCCD camera: HK247-CL and HK246-CL.

The digital Hawk EMCCD cameras, model HK247-CL (monochrome) and HK246-CL (colour), offer a standard CameraLink output. It is the smallest and most rugged digital EMCCD camera in the world. It has been specifically designed for integration into imaging systems such as small EO/IR surveillance platforms. It is small, lightweight and low power and is therefore the ideal camera for OEM and integrators.

A number of built-in pre-processing functions are available; including Hot Pixel correction, Gamma and Intelligent AGC control. The Intelligent AGC control function allows the user to take full advantage of the sensor sensitivity and dynamic range by selecting sub frames to optimize the image quality.

Raptor Photonics offers an external adaptor box to convert CameraLink data to GigE data. This dedicated engine streams video and imaging data in real time over standard GigE connections between Base-configuration Camera Link cameras and PCs.

The digital HAWK camera features:
TC247 (monochrome) or TC246 (colour) Impactron sensor from Texas Instruments
658 (H) x 496 (V) Active Pixel size (10µm x 10µm)
12 bit cameraLink output
up to 30Hz
No Fan and rugged
Power consumption less than 5W
Ultra compact size: 43mm x 43mm x 57mm
Light weight (150g)

Typical Applications:
Airborne and Ground-based surveillance
Long Range target identification
800nm to 1.06µm laser line detection
Airborne EO Systems
Driver view enhancement
General low light scientific Imaging

SOURCE: Raptor Photonics Ltd

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