Navitar provides OptiStar lenses for SWIR imaging

Navitar has introduced new OptiStar Lenses designed and optimized to meet the latest advancements in SWIR (shortwave infrared) technology.

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Navitar Inc. (Rochester, NY, USA), a manufacturer of precision optical and electro-optic systems, has introduced new OptiStar Lenses designed and optimized specifically to meet the latest advancements in SWIR (shortwave infrared) technology.

The new rugged design offers superior image quality, better transmission and performance from the visible spectrum into the shortwave infrared region. OptiStar lenses function in the wavelengths of 500nm - 1700nm, with 90% +/- 5% transmission across the range. Superseding Navitar’s standard SWIR lenses, OptiStar lenses have a lower F/# and enhanced design that will depict better images in dark or night time environments. Both lenses are available with manual or auto iris.

Craig Fitzgerald, Vice President of Product Development for Navitar explains, “We design lenses with our consumers in mind. Our progressive lens development is inspired by the latest trends we see in our customer’s applications and through the recognition of new emerging markets. Our OptiStar lenses were designed through a collaborative effort between Navitar and SWIR camera makers. This allowed us to create a multifaceted lens line that can be incorporated into an array of cameras, suitable for a vast number of SWIR applications.”

Navitar SWIR hyperspectral lenses are ideal for a variety of imaging applications where SWIR cameras are employed such as perimeter surveillance, toll-way monitoring, border and port security, quality control or aerial imaging.

About Navitar, Inc.
Navitar is the leading supplier of standard and custom engineered optics, opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and opto-electronic system solutions for Medical & Biotechnology, Defense & Security, Semiconductor, Industrial Imaging, and Digital Projection. Navitar integrates its advanced optics, mechanics and electronics capabilities into complete turnkey precision solutions. Navitar, Inc. has offices and subsidiaries in the U.S., Japan, Germany, China, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

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