Videor expands lens product range with new supplier Kowa

The 10-megapixel lenses from the supplier Kowa are now in the Videor product range.

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Requirements in the imaging field are becoming constantly greater. And cameras are increasingly offering higher resolutions, although this remains pointless if the fitted lens cannot keep up the pace. This is why the 10-megapixel lenses from the supplier Kowa are now in the Videor (Rödermark, Germany) product range. Kowa is a Japanese company with a long tradition: it was founded in Nagoya in 1894 and now has 3,900 employees worldwide. Optics have been part of the company’s extensive product range since 1946, and it specialises in lenses for image processing and the security market in this field. Since 1986 Kowa has run a European subsidiary in Düsseldorf.

Make the finest of structures recognisable
The 10-megapixel lenses in the Kowa JC10M series are the ideal choice for applications with ultimate demands in which, for instance, the finest of structures on a large surface must be inspected. Earlier, it was necessary to use several cameras at the same time to record these numerous details correctly per unit of area. The high resolution of the JC10M series means it can replace numerous lower resolution lenses – of course this requires a matching camera. What resolution can be envisaged for 10 megapixels? 200 TV lines are reached per millimetre, and they produce crystal clear pictures with high definition detail together with very low distortion and reduced chromatic aberration. There is a choice of 2/3” lenses with fixed focal lengths of 5mm, 8.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. What is more, a special feature of Kowa lenses is their extremely short minimum object distance (MOD) of only 10cm.

Extensive product range
In addition to Kowa, Videor offers an extensive range of other manufacturers: eneo, Fujinon and Tamron. At least fifty different models customised specifically for image processing requirements are supplemented by more than one hundred lenses from the video security segment – should the application requirements not be too high and importance is placed upon good value for money. Videor has a partnership extending over decades in the broadcast sector with Fujinon. Lenses for TV and studio applications are therefore sourced exclusively from Videor in Germany and Austria.

About Videor
VIDEOR E. Hartig GmbH ( is one of the major distributors of professional video technology with sales of 63 million Euros (2008/2009). The product range of the company based near Frankfurt/Germany includes components, integrated systems and solutions from numerous leading manufacturers: Axis, AG Neovo, Aimetis, Basler, eneo, Flir, Fujitsu, Pelco, Videotec to name but a few. Its wide product range is based upon the strict quality standards applied by the supplier in compliance with its ISO 9001:2008 certification, its strong purchasing position on international hi-tech markets as well as over 30 years knowledge of the market.

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