Focus on Vision: August 12, 2022

Aug. 12, 2022
In this edition, Chris Mc Loone covers TKH's acquisition of Nerian Imaging, a distillery that employs an vision inspection system to help workers manually apply labels to packaging, and Part 3 of our Introduction to Motion Control series.

TKH Group N.V. (TKH), a technology company focused on advanced innovative technology systems in high-growth markets, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Nerian Vision GmbH (Nerian), a disruptive stereo machine vision company based in Stuttgart, Germany, that designs and manufactures high-speed stereo vision systems. TKH will acquire 100% of the shares of Nerian. Nerian will join the group of machine vision companies of TKH Vision while continuing to sell its products under the Nerian brand and maintaining its existing partnerships.

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While Dairy Distillery’s unique package is a marketing asset, it presents operational challenges. Two parts of the label are applied by machine, and then employees apply third element—the emblem—manually by lining it up with the others—a large label on the bottom of the bottle and a small label that is affixed to the cap and top of the bottle. For bottles to look good, all three labels need to be lined up properly. The distillery applies the third label manually, but it also uses a decision-support solution to assist employees with the process. The product is a turnkey visual inspection system based on artificial intelligence (AI) from Pleora Technologies.

Previous articles covered the key specifications of motion control devices, and those specs were impacted by different motor, drive, bearing, and encoder types. This article demonstrates how that knowledge can be applied to optimize the design of real-world vision systems. It will examine a vision-guided laser ablation system and a high-magnification automated optical inspection system, explaining how the functional requirements are translated into specifications that can be used to select the ideal motion control components for each application.

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