Alacron frame grabber also features up to 1200 Gbytes storage capacity

Nov. 5, 2012
The quad-density, 1.2-Tbyte FastVault-FL, an addition to the FastSeries product line, is a 6-U Eurocard form-factor, board-level, autonomous frame grabber from Alacron.

The quad-density, 1.2-Tbyte FastVault-FL, an addition to the FastSeries board product line, is a 6-U Eurocard form-factor, board-level, autonomous frame grabber and storage system based on the Nexperia processor. The image capture board includes four GigE inputs and/or three to six 85-MHz Camera Link Basic channels to enable use with many high-speed cameras. The frame grabber is available in commercial or rugged board-level configurations as well as commercial, rugged, or militarized cases with a range of input voltages and operating temperature ranges. The storage subsystem comprises 320, 640, or 1200 Gbytes of nonvolatile flash storage with 800-Mbyte/sec recording bandwidth.
Nashua, NH, USA

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Universal Frame Grabber and Storage System Compatible With All High Performance Cameras Now Offers Four-Fold Increase in Flash Memory Size
Nashua, NH - Alacron, Inc., manufacturer of high quality frame grabbers and accelerated frame grabber subsystems for more than twenty years, has announced a quad density, 1.2 Terabyte FastVault-FL. One of Alacron’s most recent additions to its FastSeries family, based on the Nexperia processor, the FastVault-FL, is a 6 U Eurocard form-factor board-level autonomous frame grabber and storage system for use with virtually any high performance camera.

“Input consists of both four GigE ports and/or three to six 85 MHz Basic Camera Link Channels which provide input for virtually all high speed cameras,” said Dr. Joseph Sgro, founder and CEO of Alacron, Inc. “The FastVault-FL can be supplied in a commercial or rugged board level version or in commercial, rugged, or militarized cases with varied input voltages, environmental, and temperature ranges. The unprecedented level of compatibility and flexibility of FastVault-FL should interest users of virtually all high performance, smart cameras.”

“Dr. Sgro’s background in neurology and advanced mathematics gives him a unique insight as a manufacturer into the real world demands for integrated design and the need for highest quality products,” said Paul Stanton, President of Alacron. “The new FastVault-FL System is available with multiple environmental and voltage options for virtually any standardized or custom standard performance. The front end data is formatted and preprocessed by a FPGA before being sent to the memory subsection, processor, GigE interfaces or other outputs. The storage subsystem consists of 320, 640, or 1200 Gigabytes of Flash non-volatile storage with a recording bandwidth of 800 MB/sec. This board offers six basic, three medium or two full channel Camera Link Interfaces.”

The FastVault-FL is available immediately via the Web site at, by emailing [email protected] or by calling 603-891-2750.

About Alacron, Inc.
Since 1985, Alacron has provided the world’s imaging and machine vision community with the best and most innovative frame grabbers and high performance accelerated frame grabber subsystems to meet their demanding real-world applications. Our customers demand processing power as well as a balanced architecture of flexible I/O and computational and memory bandwidth. Alacron has developed leading edge products that enable customers to work more efficiently and cost effectively. Our frame grabbers and accelerated frame grabber subsystems can be integrated into a variety of operating environments on PCI, PMC, PCMCIA and Express Card platforms using: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Solaris, and Linux. All Alacron subsystems are supported by a full range of software development tools, including a highly optimized object oriented micro-coded signal and image processing libraries. Alacron's application development platforms make it easier and more efficient for our customers to bring demanding applications to market - on time and on budget. For more information, go to or call 603.891.2750.

SOURCE: Alacron

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