Dage-MTI microscope camera achieves HD resolution with Toshiba CCD

Dage-MTI's single-chip RealView HD-210 microscope camera with specially formatted, preset values has 1080p resolution, operates at 60 frames/s, and uses a 2.1-Mpixel sensor.


The single-chip RealView HD-210microscope camera with specially formatted, preset values has 1080p resolution, operates at 60 frames/s, and uses a 2.1-Mpixel sensor. Toshiba Imaging 3CCD technology has been incorporated to produce real-time HD images, which provide true 1920 × 1080-pixel resolution and match the pixel-to-pixel resolution of the 16:9 ratio HD monitors and digital light projectors (DLPs), without vertical or horizontal stretching during microscopy applications.
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Toshiba Imaging Announces Two New High-Definition Microscopy Cameras - Available from Dage-MTI

Irvine, CA – Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, a provider of high definition (HD) camera technology for life sciences, microscopy, industrial, defense, and broadcast applications, announces an OEM relationship with Dage-MTI to introduce two new high definition cameras designed specifically for microscopy applications. Dage-MTI’s RealView HD Microscope Cameras combine Toshiba Imaging’s proprietary imaging technology with specially-formatted, preset values for use in critical microscopy applications. Both new RealView microscopy cameras are available for shipping now.

Dage-MTI’s single-chip RealView HD-210 Microscope Camera operates at 1080p, 60 fps, and features exceptional detail from the 2.1 million pixel sensor. The real-time HD image provides true 1920x1080 resolution and matches exactly the pixel-to-pixel resolution of the 16x9 ratio HD monitors and DLP projectors, without vertical or horizontal stretching. Viewing is intuitive and effective in settings such as tumor review boards, clinical rounds, pathology labs, classrooms, industrial inspection, and more.

Dage-MTI’s RealView HD-330 Microscope Camera offers fast frame rate operation in 1080i mode at 30 frames per second (fps) and features exceptionally smooth motion. The high signal-to-noise ratio enables excellent sensitivity with clear definition and color contrast, even in low-light conditions. Dage-MTI has incorporated Toshiba Imaging’s proprietary 3CCD prism block camera technology to ensure the sharpest true HD color imagery available. The 3-chip camera is designed for use in applications such as pathology labs, cell biology, fluorescent imaging, classroom or other teaching environments, and industrial inspection. These HD cameras are also excellent for Ophthalmic and Dental surgery.

Both RealView HD microscopy cameras can be connected directly to high definition monitors via DVI-output or HDMI cables, eliminating the need for software or a PC. The cameras can be paired with Dage-MTI’s RealView Magic Box for an unparalleled imaging capture and review system.

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division is a supplier of high quality video cameras for machine vision, R&D and scientific applications.

Dage-MTI is a designer and manufacturer of high performance digital Firewire cameras and analog video cameras and monitors. Biomedical research is one of the primary fields for Dage-MTI products.

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