Page 2: Industrial camera survey provides potential glimpse into future of camera market

"Industrial Cameras and Their Technical Features," the 6th annual camera survey published by FRAMOS, takes a look at the opinions of 15 international camera manufacturers and 43 end users of machine vision cameras, and what it might mean for the future.

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Other highlights include:

  • Users currently favor 1 – 3 MPixel sensors (44%), but indicate that in two years’ time, they anticipate using more 3 -5 MPixel sensors (40%).
  • Manufacturers currently sell more cameras with a sensor size of less than 1 MPixel (46%), but in two years, they expect that number to drop by as much as 10%, with hopes of selling larger format cameras.
  • Users currently favor cameras with frame rates of less than 25 fps (47%), while 30% indicate that they use cameras with a range of 25 – 60 fps. In two years, the same group of users indicate that they anticipate using less of the slower (<25 fps) frame rate models (37%), while using more cameras in the 60-100 fps (17% vs 12% now.).
  • Interestingly, 43% of manufacturers indicated in the survey that the majority of cameras they develop are those in the 60-100 fps range (43%), while 28% indicated a range of 25-60 fps. In two years, manufacturers anticipate creating more cameras in the 100+ fps range (22% compared to 14% now.)
  • Most of the manufacturers surveyed have cameras with a GigE interface, followed at some distance by FireWire (b), USB 2.0, and USB 3.0. Manufacturers expect GigE to remain the most popular interface in two years’ time, but expect to see USB 3.0 climbing into the second spot.
  • When it comes to what the survey respondents thought about which high-speed video interface will win the race of bandwidths of 8 Gbit/s and higher, manufacturers identified CoaXPress (47%) and 10 GigE (46%) as the most popular, while users overwhelmingly chose CameraLink HS (56%), with 10 GigE coming in second at 33%.

View the FRAMOS survey.

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