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Infrared Lenses

Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...
Gigabit Ethernet, less than 10GigE, and 10GigE and up

NorPix Inc

NorPix is the leading developer of digital video recording software and solutions for high-speed video recording using either single or multiple cameras.

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Image Compression Software

Image Analysis & Processing at Avantier

Most images nowadays are recorded in digital form. From a mathematical point of view, they are just 2-dimensional or multidimensional arrays containing values of pixel signals...
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Image Compression Software

Lossless Image Compression Example

For storage and transmission of large image files it is desirable to reduce the file size.For consumer-grade images this is achieved by lossy image compression when image details...