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    Getting Out of the Factory

    May 17, 2022
    In our last issue, Tom Brennan wrote an article about getting vision into the real world and what it would take to do so. I recently ran across an item about 3D scanning beginning...
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    Embedded Vision

    Computing at the Edge and More for Embedded Vision

    May 16, 2022
    Definable or not, end users continue deploying embedded vision in more and more applications.
    Teledyne DALSA
    Figure 1: Shown are examples of plastics being imaged using different wavelengths. (Photos courtesy of Teledyne DALSA.)

    Applications for SWIR Imaging Continue to Emerge

    April 18, 2022
    Materials behave differently in different light wavelengths. Since SWIR imaging is similar to visible light imaging, just with different wavelengths, the idea is to find the contrast...
    Courtesy of IHI Logistics and Machinery
    Figure 1: An example of the system IHI built for a Japan-based foods and daily necessaries wholesaler. (Photo courtesy of IHI Logistics and Machinery.)
    Imaging Boards and Software

    AI and OCR Combine for Expiration Date Inspection

    April 15, 2022
    Neurala VIA’s role in this process is identifying the location of expiration dates on packages to provide a clearer image to present to the OCR technology.
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    Vision Systems and Deep Learning: Are We Headed for Summer or Winter?

    April 14, 2022
    Nothing has impacted the world of vision systems over the last decade as much as the emergence of deep learning (DL).

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    Vision Systems Tie Logistics/Warehousing Applications Together

    April 13, 2022
    Recent trends have led some companies to turn to vision for everything from guiding autonomous vehicles and robots, to reading barcodes, to record keeping.
    Courtesy of Chromasens
    Figure 1: Design of the stereoscopic visual system
    Cameras and Accessories

    2D and 3D Images Detect Defects in Railroad Rails

    April 12, 2022
    Researchers develop an unsupervised saliency detection method using a binocular line-scanning system.
    Vsd Iu Dual Modality 3 D Imaging
    Life Sciences

    Researchers Develop Experimental Dual-Modality 3D Imaging System

    April 11, 2022
    System combines modalities to coregister functional and structural imaging information
    Figure 3: Example IoT early fire detection configuration for metal recycling facilities.

    How Metal Recycling Facilities Use IoT and Thermal Imaging to Improve Early-Warning Fire Detection

    April 8, 2022
    By connecting sensors that alert at different stages of fire development and varying conditions for fire formation, facilities can more readily detect and prevent potential fires...
    Figure 4. Speed vs. thrust of stepper, servo, and linear motors.
    Factory Automation

    Introduction to Motion Control for Vision Professionals, Part 2

    April 4, 2022
    Selecting motion control devices with the appropriate combination of motors, encoders, bearings, and drive mechanics can have a major impact on your vision system’s accuracy, ...
    Figure 1: Auto-compact can be installed over existing manufacturing lines or as a drive-through system. (Photo courtesy of DeGould.)
    Cameras and Accessories

    Automated Vehicle Inspection Solution

    Feb. 14, 2022
    Multiple cameras capture ultra-high-resolution images and combine with AI to provide an automated solution.
    Figure 1: Network surveillance cameras equipped with the right software act as critical sensors to capture visual data from around cities and record events of interest. (Photos courtesy of Axis Communications.)
    Cameras and Accessories

    How Smart Cameras Are Used in Digital Twin Platforms

    Feb. 10, 2022
    Network surveillance cameras equipped with the right software act as critical sensors to capture visual data from around cities and record events of interest.
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    Imaging Boards and Software

    Processing Gigapixels in Real Time

    Feb. 9, 2022
    FPGA technology offers tremendous flexibility, not only due to its reconfigurable nature, but also because of its inherent ability to process multiple data streams concurrently...
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    Cameras and Accessories

    LEDs: The Swiss Army Knives of Machine Vision Illumination

    Jan. 28, 2022
    Understanding how LEDs work and their advantages, you can develop your vision systems with greater confidence.