Neptec and Terrapoint jointly develop real-time imaging technology

May 1, 2007
MAY 1--Neptec Design Group (Ottawa, ON, Canada) has announced its partnership with Terrapoint Canada (Ottawa, ON, Canada.

MAY 1--Neptec Design Group (Ottawa, ON, Canada;, a manufacturer of intelligent 3-D vision systems for military, manufacturing, and aerospace applications, has announced its partnership with Terrapoint Canada (Ottawa, ON, Canada;, a provider of lidar (light detection and ranging) data for civil-engineering applications. The partnership will provide each company with the ability to enhance its product offerings in its respective fields, generating new intelligent scanning systems. Though the companies work in different industries, the Ontario Centres of Excellence ( recognized the similarities in the technology and brought the two companies together.

Under the terms of the joint collaboration agreement, Neptec will support further development of Terrapoint's terrestrial lidar system, TiTAN, with analytical software algorithms. TiTAN is a dynamic digital 360° 3-D data-acquisition system providing users with the ability to quickly compile lidar and visual information in challenging environments. In turn, Neptec will license the technology that underlies the TiTAN sensor system and produce a vehicle-mounted 3-D lidar scanning system for the military and security markets.

Terrapoint Canada (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pulse Data) operates a fleet of lidar systems in North America. The company provides geospatial solutions and information to service energy, environmental, land-development, and transportation clients throughout North America and internationally.

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