AICON 3D Systems completes merger with Breuckmann

June 4, 2015
AICON 3D systems and Breuckmann have officially merged into one company, following the August 2012 AICON acquisition of 100% of the Breuckmann shares.

After AICON 3D Systems acquired 100% of the shares of Breuckmann in August 2012, Breuckmann continued to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of AICON. Nearly three years later, the last step of merging Breuckmann into AICON 3D Systems is being completed.

Since 2012, the development, sales, and administrative processes of both companies were brought together to act as a single unit, so the final step was to merge the companies, which strengthens AICON’s position in the market, according to Carl-Thomas Schneider, AICON managing director.

"The merger with Breuckmann is both the end of an extensive reorganization and the start into a promising future. Most important for us was to take our employees along this way, " he said. "We have managed this! The colleagues in Braunschweig and Meersburg work together in great teams. This brings along valuable synergies."

Following the acquisition of Breuckmann, AICON broadened its range of products and now operates as a full-range supplier of 3D metrology systems. The company’s portfolio includes portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, specialized optical measurement systems for vehicle safety and tube manufacturing as well as 3D scanners for contact-free surface measurement of objects. In some new developments, AICON has merged both companies’ technologies.

In a recent magazine article, Andy Wilson describes how AICON developed high-speed camera systems that are used to measure wheel and engine motion at vehicle speeds of up to 250 kph. Learn more about this system here.

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