Multiline CMOS cameras from e2v use CoaXPress interface

e2v's ELiiXA+ linescan camera uses multiline CMOS technology to process100,000 lines/s in a 16-kpixel format.

e2v's ELiiXA+ linescan camera
e2v's ELiiXA+ linescan camera

The ELiiXA+linescan camera uses multiline CMOS technology to process100,000 lines/s in a 16-kpixel format. High response combined with low noise level enables high signal-to-noise ratio when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5-μm pixel size is arranged in four active lines, ensuring optimal spatial resolution in both scanning and sensor directions with off-the-shelf lenses. Data rate in excess of 1.6 Gpixels/s is achieved via a CoaXPress interface to support web-inspection systems for applications such as flat-panel display, PCB, and solar cell production.
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e2v launches the fastest and highest resolution line scan camera on the market – the ELiiXA+

e2v, a leading global provider of high performance imaging solutions, will be launching the new ELiiXA+ industrial line scan camera at Vision 2011, in Stuttgart, Germany. Based on multi-line CMOS technology, the ELiiXA+ has been designed specifically to provide advanced speed, supreme sensitivity and high resolution for the most demanding applications such as the inspection of flat panel displays, PCBs, wafers and solar cells.

The ELiiXA+ joins e2v’s established family of line scan cameras (the EliiXA, AViiVA and DiViiNA, ranges) and combines the following unmatched performance:
* High speed of above 100,000 lines per second, using the newly released CoaXPress interface
* High resolution of 16,384 pixels, 5µm pixel size
* High sensitivity with multi-line CMOS architecture, with no interspaces between each of the 4 active lines
* High dynamic range of 73dB

The camera incorporates an innovative CMOS pixel architecture, combining the most advanced signal to noise ratio per individual pixel, and multi-line architecture to boost sensitivity further by sequentially integrating the same object line.

e2v’s ELiiXA+ camera also benefits from a compact design; the active sensor length is 82mm while the total camera width is just 100mm. This makes implementing a multi-camera solution extremely simple. It has also been specifically designed to keep power consumption low, whilst at the same time driving an ultra fast sensor. This results in low heat production and ensures a smooth integration into any system.

Sébastien Teysseyre, e2v’s Marketing manager for industrial cameras said “We are very proud to bring the ELiiXA+ product to the market. It delivers advanced performance without compromising on ease of use. This is the first 16k line scan camera that can be read at a speed of up to 100,000 lines a second, combined with extremely low power consumption and so avoiding system over heating. Similarly, we did not pile up a high number of lines to achieve the camera’s high sensitivity at the cost of mechanical constraints, rather achieving it with a breakthrough in our CMOS sensor design.”

The camera will be unveiled at e2v’s booth (hall 4, booth C16) at Vision 2011, Stuttgart Germany from November 8th to November 10th.

SOURCE:e2v technologies plc

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