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Enlarging Lenses

Replacing Spherical Lens with Aspheric Lens

Key Takeaways Aspheric lenses possess a variable radius of curvature, allowing for a gradual change in shape that corrects optical aberrations effectively.  Aspheric lenses...
Enlarging Lenses

Live-Cell Imaging with Advanced Microscope Technology

Key Takeaways Live-cell imaging is revolutionizing cellular biology, offering insights into cellular behavior, developmental stages, and drug impact. This method visualizes individual...

Exploring Applications of Optical Polarization – Part 3

Introduction Optical polarization is a phenomenon where light waves oscillate in a specific direction, leading to various applications across a wide range of fields. Understanding...

Understanding Optical Polarization: Polarizers and Waveplates Explained – Part 2

Polarization is a fundamental property of light, crucial in optics and various applications. It involves the orientation of the electric field vector in a light wave as it propagates...

What is Optical Polarization?

Optical polarization, a crucial aspect of optics, involves intricate interactions between light and matter.  While optical design typically focuses on wavelength and intensity...

Applications of Raman Spectroscopy

Applications of Raman SpectroscopyRaman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that provides insights into the molecular composition and structure of materials. Raman...

How Micro-Optics are Revolutionizing Optical Systems

Micro-Optics at Avantier Avantier stands at the forefront of the Micro-Optics industry, offering original design solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of their clients...

Flow Cytometry Part1: Illuminating Cellular Diversity and Analysis

Flow cytometry is a revolutionary technique that enables the comprehensive analysis of cells or particles in a high-throughput manner. By harnessing the principles of hydrodynamic...
Enlarging Lenses

Fluorescence Microscopy Part 2: Customizing Filters and Lenses

Customizing Fluorescence Microscopes Customization of a fluorescence microscope involves fine-tuning its technical details to selectively utilize narrow bands of light for capturing...
Enlarging Lenses

Fluorescence Microscopy Part 1: Illuminating Samples for High-Resolution Imaging

Illuminating Samples Fluorescence microscopy is a powerful imaging technique widely used in various fields, especially in biomedical research, to visualize and study fluorescently...
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Telecentric Lenses

What’s the Difference Between a Fisheye and a Wide-Angle Lens?

Both fisheye and wide-angle lenses are used in situations that need a wide field of vision. Either one provides an extensive visual angle. So, what distinguishes one from the ...
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Enlarging Lenses

Optical Component Manufacturing: Designing and Assembling Objective Lenses for Microscopes

Avantier is a renowned company specializing in the design and assembly of objective lenses for microscopes. With a commitment to innovation and precision, Avantier has established...
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Infrared Lenses

Features and Applications of IR Lenses

In order to ensure the seamless functioning of a high-performance optical system, it is essential to establish a foundation comprising suitable mechanical components that are ...
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Machine Vision/Imaging Software

Medical Imaging: Capabilities and Applications – OCT Part 4

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an advanced imaging technique that has transformed medical diagnostics and research. By providing high-resolution cross-sectional images ...
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Lens Test Equipment

Advancements in Non-Destructive Testing: OCT – Part 3

Introduction:Non-destructive testing (NDT) plays a crucial role in various industries, enabling the evaluation and analysis of materials and structures without causing any damage...
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Infrared Lenses

Advancements in Infrared Lens Design and Assemblies for Advanced Imaging Technologies

Infrared lens design and assemblies are crucial in the development of advanced imaging and sensing technologies. These technologies have found widespread use in a variety of application...
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Machine Vision/Imaging Software

Revolutionizing 3D Imaging in Research and Medical Diagnostics – OCT – Part 2

IntroductionOptical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has emerged as a breakthrough technique for non-destructive three-dimensional (3D) imaging of tissue and materials. By utilizing...
Zygo Verifire Interferometer
Data Acquisition Software

Optical Surface Accuracy

Optical surface accuracy refers to the difference between the actual shape and the desired shape of an optical surface. It is a crucial aspect of optical components and is typically...
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Data Acquisition Software

Optical Tolerances: Impact and Costs

Optical TolerancesIn real manufacturing, a certain amount of error will unpreventably occur between the measured value and the designed value. In terms of measurement, the difference...
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Enlarging Lenses

Introduction to Microscopes and Objective Lenses

A microscope is an optical device designed to magnify the image of an object, enabling details indiscernible to the human eye to be differentiated. A microscope may project the...
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Machine Vision/Imaging Software

Difficulties and Benefits of Optical System Design & Manufacturing

At Avantier, we use Zemax for designing, analyzing, and optimizing optical systems, such as lenses, objectives, cameras, and other optical devices. For optical system design, ...
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CoaXPress Boards

Fiber optic image transmission finds its way into Machine Vision with Coaxlink QSFP+

Machine Vision: Fiber optic cables keep finding their way into more market segments where cabling length, cable clutter, weight or electrical noise immunity of copper connections...
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Machine Vision/Imaging Software

LiDAR in Autonomous Vehicles

Today’s advanced driver assistance systems take advantage of AI-spiked cameras and radar or sonar systems, but most manufacturers have been waiting for advances in machine vision...
Infrared Lenses

Features and Applications of IR Lenses

In order to ensure the seamless functioning of a high-performance optical system, it is essential to establish a foundation comprising suitable mechanical components that are ...

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