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UV Lenses

Case Study – Microlens Arrays for UV, VIS, and NIR Video Imaging Cameras

Key Takeaways The project uses microlens arrays on flexible substrates to control light precisely, benefiting UV, VIS, and NIR video imaging cameras with broad wavelength coverage...
Frame Grabbers

Euresys Catalog

Euresys is a leading and innovative high-tech company, designer and provider of image and video acquisition components, frame grabbers, FPGA IP cores and image processing software...
Image Processing Boards

Sensor To Image Catalog

Find the specifications of Sensor To Image products: GigE Vision, CoaXPress and USB3 Vision IP cores for FPGAs. They minimize development time while offering high performance ...
Video Lenses

Case Study: Triplet Apochromat Lens used in VR headset

Key Takeaways: The triplet apochromat lens offers superior image quality with minimal chromatic aberration and is suitable for various fields including photography, astronomy...
Enlarging Lenses

Case Study – 20X Objective Lens & Tube Lens For Observing Blood

Introduction This 20x objective lens is designed and optimized for a world-renowed medical company for the observation of human blood. Its outstanding resolution is  highly...
Enlarging Lenses

Case Study: Objective Lens: Small diameter and short overall length in the optical system

Key Takeaways Avantier’s small objective lens revolutionizes medical optical systems, particularly in dental health applications. This project focuses on utilizing a higher...
Enlarging Lenses

Case Study: High and Low Temperature Resistant 25X Objective Lens: High Imaging Quality & High-Resolution Performance

Key Takeaways Avantier’s project introduces a custom-designed 25X objective lens for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer systems, specifically tailored for researching isotopes...

Case Study : Large Prisms

 Key Takeaways The article introduces large prisms, which are vital in scientific research, medical imaging, communication, and laser processing.  A project employing...
Enlarging Lenses

Case Study – Under Water Double-Convex Aspheric Lens

Key Takeaways Double-Convex Aspheric lens designed for diverse light, especially underwater.  Tailored optical system for > 500mm wavelengths. Petite <3mm double-convex...
Enlarging Lenses

Case Study: Fisheye Lenses

Key Takeaways A scientific institute faced distortion and chromatic aberration issues in high-performance lenses, affecting image quality and accuracy for scientific observation...
Enlarging Lenses

Case Study: Two-Aspheric Cemented Lenses for Enhanced Image Clarity in Ophthalmic Examinations

Case Study: Two-Aspheric Cemented Lenses for Enhanced Image Clarity in Ophthalmic Examinations Avantier manufactures a two-aspheric cemented lens by combining two aspheric lenses...

On-Orbit Satellite Imaging Case Study

Background of the Product Development: Satellites play a critical role in modern communication, Earth observation, and scientific research. For on-orbit satellites, the optical...
Enlarging Lenses

Case study: F-Theta Lens

Innovative F-theta Lens Design for Expanded Field of View in Laser Applications

Case Study – Large OAP Mirrors

Customized Large Optics by Avantier: Meeting Unique Needs with Precision and Quality In the ever-evolving world of optical technology, the demand for customized large optics ...
Machine Vision/Imaging Software

Robotic Intelligent Camera Part 2 – The Varied Applications of Surveillance Cameras

In Part 1, we explored the basics of surveillance cameras and their role in modern society. Now, let’s delve deeper into the wide range of applications where these ...
Machine Vision/Imaging Software

Robotic Intelligent Camera – Part 1: Revolutionizing Surveillance Technology

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and security of our homes and businesses is of utmost importance. With advancements in technology, the way we approach surveillanc...
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White Paper: How to Use Both Computer Vision and AI

When developing an imaging platform, certain challenges may arise when trying to implement AI in an existing computer vision system. Deciding what tasks are best suited for AI...
Mb Wp Thumbnail Light Cure Adhesives 200x260

Whitepaper: Advanced Light Cure Adhesives

Breakthroughs in adhesive technology enable light curing adhesives to cure under a visible light wavelength of 405 nanometers. Learn how these environmentally friendly adhesives...
USB Cameras

White Paper: Solving Big Vision Challenges With a Small Vision Solution

Embedded systems require a compact and light weight imaging solution. Due to the potentially limiting size an embedded system can occupy on its own, it can be difficult to incrementally...
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Development Tools

On-Orbit Satellite Imaging Case Study

Background of the Product Development:Satellites play a critical role in modern communication, Earth observation, and scientific research. For on-orbit satellites, the optical...
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Infrared Lenses

Case Study: Infrared Lens Design

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Case Study: Infrared Lens Design for Scientific EquipmentAt Avantier we offer Design for Manufacturing (DFM services), optimizing product design...
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Machine Vision/Imaging Software

Case Study: 3D Image Analysis

Image Analysis of a 3D ImageSeveral manufacturers sell 3D cameras which use 2D sensor arrays sensitive to the phase of reflected laser light. All of them spread laser light so...
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Cameras, Cooled

White Paper: Using Lighting to Optimize Camera Performance

Capturing Clear Images and Highlighting Details with the Right Light SourceHow light works can be a complicated subject. One of the biggest rules of thumb in imaging is that there...
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Smart Cameras

White Paper: Smarter Cameras

Over the last several years, the emerging IoT, wide and fast acceptance of online purchasing, and greater adoption of Industry 4.0 have created unprecedented opportunities for...
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Infrared Lenses

Reverse Optical Engineering Case Studies from Avantier

At Avantier, we are our proud of our track history in assisting customers to solve problems using reverse optical engineering. Here are three case studies.Case Study 1: Reverse...