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Infrared Lenses

Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...
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Enlarging Lenses

Universe Kogaku America Inc

Universe Kogaku designs and manufactures precision assembled optics including UV quartz lenses, CCD and CMOS lenses, CCTV and diode laser lenses, and hi-res lenses.

Chroma Technology Corp

Manufacturer of catalog and custom optical filters for demanding applications across the spectrum. ISO 9001 and B Corp certified.

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Flow Cytometry Part 3: Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Flow Cytometer Optics

Key Takeaways: Flow cytometry is a method for studying cells using fluorescent tagging and optical analysis as they flow past a laser. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR...

Exploring Applications of Optical Polarization – Part 3

Introduction Optical polarization is a phenomenon where light waves oscillate in a specific direction, leading to various applications across a wide range of fields. Understanding...

Understanding Optical Polarization: Polarizers and Waveplates Explained – Part 2

Polarization is a fundamental property of light, crucial in optics and various applications. It involves the orientation of the electric field vector in a light wave as it propagates...

What is Optical Polarization?

Optical polarization, a crucial aspect of optics, involves intricate interactions between light and matter.  While optical design typically focuses on wavelength and intensity...

Case Study : Large Prisms

 Key Takeaways The article introduces large prisms, which are vital in scientific research, medical imaging, communication, and laser processing.  A project employing...
Custom Optics vs Off-the-Shelf Optics

Custom Optics vs Off-the-Shelf Optics

Embark on a journey with Adam and Morgan from Avantier as they dissect the difference between custom optics and off-the-shelf optics. Learn how off-the-shelf optics offer quick...

How Micro-Optics are Revolutionizing Optical Systems

Micro-Optics at Avantier Avantier stands at the forefront of the Micro-Optics industry, offering original design solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of their clients...

Flow Cytometry Part1: Illuminating Cellular Diversity and Analysis

Flow cytometry is a revolutionary technique that enables the comprehensive analysis of cells or particles in a high-throughput manner. By harnessing the principles of hydrodynamic...

Chroma Technology supplies key components for Raman spectroscopy

Chroma Technology supplies key components for Raman spectroscopy A set of optical interference filters used in Raman spectroscopy must perform cohesively as a unit to successfully...
Optical Coating at Avantier

Optical Coating at Avantier

Explore the art and science of optical coatings with Avantier in our latest YouTube video. As leaders in applying thin films to optical components, we delve into the intricacies...
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Polymer Optics : Custom Injection Molding

Discover the pinnacle of precision optics with Avantier, your trusted optical solution provider boasting over 50 years of expertise. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at Polymer...
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Optical Filters

Browse or search all of our sputter/hard coated optical filters for applications such as fluorescence, raman, multiphoton, astronomy and machine vision.Single Bandpass &Single...
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Chroma awards Prof. Prisca Liberali the Anne Heidenthal Prize for Fluorescence Research

This year, Chroma Technology is happy to present the Anne Heidenthal Prize for Fluorescence Research award to Prof. Prisca Liberali from Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical...
Optical Domes Group

What makes Optical Domes Essential?

Optical domes serve as hemispheric windows that establish a protective barrier while enabling a clear field of view between two environments. Typically consisting of two parallel...

Chroma Technology Supports Local Schools with Science Grant and Scholarships

Bellows Falls Middle School received significant support this spring which enabled hands-on science with an over $9000 grant, providing a set of 15 microscopes, the...

Chroma Technology honored by Vision Systems Design 2022 Innovators Awards Program

BELLOWS FALLS, Vermont, 6/6/2022 – Chroma Technology announced today that its ContrastMax SWIR optical filters for machine vision and remote sensing were recognized among...

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