High-Resolution Lenses

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Infrared Lenses

Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...
CMOS Cameras

Navitar Inc

We produce optics, cameras, lighting, imaging software and complete systems. We provide stock components, custom designed components, prototyping and fabrication. Use our Optical...
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Enlarging Lenses

Universe Kogaku America Inc

Universe Kogaku designs and manufactures precision assembled optics including UV quartz lenses, CCD and CMOS lenses, CCTV and diode laser lenses, and hi-res lenses.
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High-Resolution Lenses

Theia Technologies

Theia designs and produces high resolution, precision optics to meet the needs of machine vision, robotics, ITS, security and other industrial imaging applications.

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High-Resolution Lenses

F-theta Lenses

 F-theta lenses are the optics of choice for laser scanning, engraving, and cutting systems. At Avantier we produce high-performing custom F-theta lenses for a wide range...
High-Resolution Lenses

SL1250 4K NIR corrected telephoto lens

Theia’s SL1250 true 4K resolution telephoto lens is ideal for license plate recognition ANPR/LPR , and long distance surveillance applications. The lens provides a 12-50mm...
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High-Resolution Lenses

Lens Grinding and Polishing

Avantier Inc. offers a wide range of materials, cutting-edge equipment, and optic and component capabilities for custom or OEM optics and components. With over 50 years of expertise...
Swa High Res
High-Resolution Lenses

Super Wide Angle 4K Imaging Lens System

Designed for industrial and life science applications and use with large format sensors, Navitar's Super Wide Angle 4K Imaging Lens System provides exception image quality and...

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