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    Editor's Note: Sitting and dreaming

    Sept. 21, 2021
    Systems integrators are the critical bridge between end users and the manufacturers and OEMs that provide the products integrators put together to create solutions for their customers...
    (Image courtesy of Edmund Optics.)
    Figure 1: Increasing resolutions in machine vision sensors is achieved by either shrinking pixel sizes or increasing sensor sizes.
    Cameras and Accessories

    An Uncertain Future for the Marriage of Lenses and Cameras

    Sept. 8, 2021
    Lens companies and camera companies need to work together to develop new mounting standards for lenses and cameras for the larger sensors that are already here and for those coming...
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    Cameras and Accessories

    Lenses and optics—an integrator’s perspective

    Sept. 7, 2021
    One must be aware of the lens marketplace and be ready to research and apply a specialty lens when it will benefit a particular application.
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    Vision Systems Design’s 25th Anniversary Hub

    Q&A Series: Basler AG’s Holger Singpiel

    Sept. 3, 2021
    As part of Vision Systems Design’s 25th anniversary, Holger Singpiel, Head of Commercial Management, Basler AG, looks back at the last 25 years in machine vision and toward the...
    (Photos courtesy of Landing AI.)
    Figure 1: While the image on the left shows a flawless gear, the image on the right clearly shows a defect.

    Designing effective traditional and deep learning-based inspection systems

    Sept. 1, 2021
    When best practices are followed, machine vision and deep learning-based imaging systems are capable of effective visual inspection and will improve efficiency, increase throughput...

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    Photo courtesy of AgriCircle.
    Photonfocus's hyperspectral cameras mounted to a unmanned aerial vehicle.
    Cameras and Accessories

    Hyperspectral system suitable for various agriculture applications

    Aug. 30, 2021
    Using hyperspectral imaging, one company developed a system to measure biodiversity in flora, make diseases visible, and identify problematic weeds.
    Figure 1: The industrial cameras from MATRIX VISION at the plant of the automotive supplier (Station 2). The figure shows several industrial cameras and flat light sources. Due to the long working distances and the light-intensive illuminations required at times, high-performance flat light sources with lens optics were used. (Images courtesy of MATRIX VISION.)
    Automotive Manufacturing

    Vehicle manufacturer uses vision system to identify specific vehicle criteria

    Aug. 25, 2021
    The operators on the line now no longer have to check the defect features themselves as the vision system handles the inspection.
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    Automotive Manufacturing

    Deep learning tools improve inspection of terminal spot welding

    Aug. 18, 2021
    Variations in terminal spot welding make inspection challenging, but smart factories can employ deep learning tools to improve performance and processes.
    Image courtesy of Dushan Wadduwage.
    Microscopy With Computational Imaging

    Computational and NIR imaging increase wide-field microscopy depth and resolution at increased speed

    Aug. 16, 2021
    A new technique could allow researchers to quickly image blood vessels and individual neurons at high resolution.
    Image courtesy of Artemis Vision.
    Figure 1: The RaPT rapid pallet tracking system at the Normerica warehouse installs on the left side of the loading dock and scans 2D barcodes on pallets as they load into trucks.
    Factory Automation

    Barcode scanning vision system provides accuracy for warehouse truck loading operations

    Aug. 11, 2021
    Simple procedures and precise tracking enable increased shipping volume and significant time savings.
    Image courtesy of Oliver Bimber.
    Autonomous Uav Search And Rescue Aos Imaging
    Embedded Vision

    Autonomous Search-and-Rescue drone sees through forest canopies

    Aug. 9, 2021
    Thermal imaging and movement algorithms combine with UAV technology.
    Figure 1: Metal and plastic automotive parts feed from a hopper into vibratory feeders, and then into programmable FlexiBowl feeders that separate the parts, allowing a robot to make picks. (Photos courtesy of Skye Automation.)
    Automotive Manufacturing

    Machine vision system inspects mixed model automotive components

    July 28, 2021
    Automated inspection system combines industrial cameras, robots, flexible part feeders, and vision software to inspect 15 different part types.